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What to plant in Jacksonville, NC?


Hey All~

I have had lots of questions about what to plant, how to make your yard look great and what likes to grow in Jacksonville. . .so many options to suggest and there is only so much room in this venue not to mention what looks great in one yard might look plain silly in another.  I suggest you visit a local nursery or home improvement store OR a great website is .

– Camellias-the are generally evergreen, have beautiful rose-like blooms in the winter and help give your garden structure, great foundation or accent planting (and happen to be just about my most favorite flower).

– Dogwood trees make excellent specimen trees in front of your home in a flower bed. 

– Forsythia. . .you can see it gleaming from yards all over Onslow County now, bright yellow blooms the length of its branches making it a neat boundary market or accent plant.

– Weeping Willow, very southern, very romantic and relatively fast grower.

– White Clump Birch, after established (about three years) amazingly beautiful bark, looks neat in winter time and a great accent tree for your front yard.

-Shademaster Locust, one of my personal faves. . .a fast growing hard wood tree that helps provide shade, something greatly appreciated during Southern Summers. . .shade from a tree can provide up to a fifteen degree difference!

There’s a start for you, remember what you thought your yard and neighborhood needed when you first bought your home.  Was it in a new construction area that perhaps used to be farm land so there are few trees and little yard privacy?  Is is an older, pre-loved home with over grown and outdated plantings?  Warm up those green thumbs and roll up your sleeves.  A nice yard is great for you to enjoy both looking at your home and looking out your windows and helps create some nice curb appeal for future buyers to appreciate.

Open houses Rock, so you should stop by! Schedule!!!



The best way to try on a home and neighborhood for size is to actually drive out there and see it. . .I already announced that 2491 Northwoods will be open this Sunday. . .but I am lining up a few more open houses for planning purposes. . .of course, if the homes go under contract before then, I won’t be hosting one there.

1. 2491 Northwoods Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540  Sunday the 2nd from 1-4

2. 106 Levi Lane (completed new construction) which is adjacent to Susie Court which has just broken ground on foundations. . .find a beautiful completed home ready to move into or browse through floor plans and timelines for new homes just breaking ground.  Email me for directions if needed, but located off of Bannermanmill Road, then Core, then Right on Levi.  Sunday the 9th from 1-4

3. 627 Riva Ridge Lane, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 in Escoba Bay.  I suggest you use google maps or mapquest to get driving directions, also, the bridge on 210 has been under repair, you may need to take an alternate route, email me for precise directions.  Sunday the 16th from 1-4

Coffee at all open houses, of course, and hand outs on the home in particular. . .if the home isn’t up to snuff for you, let me know what it is you are looking for and we can start your personal home search.  There will be a loan officer at each open house as well to help answer questions on credit, pre-payments, interest rates, monthly payments, etc.  You also get to meet me. . .but the real bonus is the free coffee (in to-go cups even!).  🙂  I hope you can make it to one of them!

Pretty Rad Open House that you should attend!



Hey there!  If you aren’t doing anything this weekend I am going to be hosting an open house in Northwoods, on 2457 Northwoods Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 from 1-4 pm on Sunday.  Lots of great photos of the house on my website so you should check it out.  It’s always nice to have an opportunity to try a home on for size. . .if you’re in the market for a new home, this might be the one for you. . .if not, we do have more to choose from.  I’ll also have a mortgage broker there to talk monthly payments, interest rates and various loan options. . .and I’ll have coffee!!!  I hope you can make it, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, I can’t wait to meet ya!

Big and beefy web presence, because, size, afterall, does matter!


size-does-matter.jpgBig and beefy, fresh and meaty, can you guess what it is?  My Internet presence!  Why is that super cool and important to you?  If you are selling your home in a military town, most prospective buyers are in Sand Diego, northern Virginia, Pensacola, South Carolina and the like.  They aren’t here.  If you are reading this, like most folks, you must be doing a little web research, looking for a home, an agent, to learn more about the Jacksonville, NC area, or perhaps found a listed tag that pertains to a special interest of yours.  However you found me, the fact is, that you did.  I’m glad you’re here, I hope you find the information helpful.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me.  I’d love to walk you through the sale or purchase of a property in the Jacksonville area. . .or help you find a rental if you plan to be in the area under two years.

It is an exciting time to be in Jacksonville. . .especially this time of the year.  But keep in mind, if you are looking for a listing agent, you found my page. . .well, pages plural. . .but how many does your average real estate broker have?  If you’re lucky ONE. . .I have THREE not to mention countless networking sites. . .which when you’re trying to get attention for your property from down the street to on the other side of the world, it matters. (TONS of local links, really cool stuff, and hey, homes to look at)  (more cool info, easy to remember site so you should tell your friends, and, even more homes to look at!) (oh, wait, Hi, you’re already here!)

SAIC, a growing presence in Stone Bay



It seems daily we hear locally of new jobs, new companies and corporations joining our great community.  SAIC ( , Barnes and Noble (, Starbucks (, and Walmart ( have increased their stakes in the Jacksonville and Surrounding Onslow County economy joining businesses already enjoying the troop increases like Target, Petsmart, Pier One, and more.

Jacksonville has come a long way baby, and is growing daily. . .the various planning departments of our community are working overtime to make room for the troops that have already begun to move into the area, an expected 9,900 in our area by 2011. . .not to mention the various civilian counterparts and support positions that will crop up along the way.  It’s an exciting time to call this area home. 

HMH 366 is standing back up!



SAAAWEEET hair back in the day for all in this photo except dear old pappy.

SAAAWEEET hair back in the day for all in this photo except dear old pappy.

This fall there will be an exciting “re-addition” to the Marine Corps Air Community this fall, standing back up is HMM 366, a CH 53 E squadron now, but I remember several years of my childhood spent as a family member of the squadron when it was part of the “Delta” community.  With all of the exciting growth and new opportunities in the military today, it’s fascinating to see the moving and re-organizing being done to various commands.  My dear old dad will be in town to help celebrate one of his favorite squadrons and I’m sure one or two old family friends will make the trip as well, this time rather than a home base of Hawaii and missions over the Pacific Ocean, the Sikorsky Super Stallions will have Jacksonville to call home and a view of the Atlantic.

PS-UPDATE (4/4/2008) Looks like due to hanger space, 366 will be part of MAG 29, but located for the first several years at Cherry Point then move back to MCAS New River. . .I’ll keep you posted on more updates as I know of them.

Musical Nests!


blue-eggs.jpgIt’s that time of year!  And, SO exciting!  Spring is of course great, but for me, made even better by all the nice folks I get to meet as they begin to make their moving plans!  I can tell by the steep uptick in traffic on my websites as well as this blog that more and more of you are out there, testing the market, doing lots of great research on your own and, looking for an agent.  If I am lucky enough to have you find me, I hope you will consider my services.  I’m more than happy to interview for the job, but a huge thumbs up already, you found me, which means I have pretty decent web exposure which, in a military town, is how a bulk of you folks look for homes and learn about your new hometown.  If you are still needing more information and can’t find it here, try either of my websites:

Lots of fabulous links for Jacksonville, Onslow County and the surrounding areas.  Cool local businesses, restaurants, things to do with your kiddos and more (and the usual stuff like the local paper, school links, etc.).

I’m the number one author for the week!



Hi gang!  It seems I am the number one author of the week at RE 411,, a real estate networking site.  To those of you “in the business”, fellow real estate agents and brokers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, etc. . .it is a nifty site to join.  I’ve met folks from all over the country and Canada too and living in a military town, it’s great to have points of contact everywhere since clients could be moving to any number of locations for a PCS or retirement move. 

If you have some spare time on this rainy Carolina day, visit my websites, I have some groovy listings like the one photographed above. . .browse though.  House hunting in your jammies or sweats is fun with the weather as crummy as it has been.