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New year, new/old last name and a new dress or two?


2011 will be the year of wrapping up long-winded projects.  My tiny pink cottage is almost completely renovated and is, in fact, no longer pink.  My crazy little Army shack that moved into town in 1942 from Holly Ridge is finally looking more and more like a home and less like a construction war zone even if it is now “olive” green (which is a smidge off from Army drab green-but seemed fitting with it’s personality).  Less exciting and with a higher pita factor, the name change.  I know, I think I blogged about it eons ago and I really, honestly, will be getting that done this year. . .along with new head shots for work and new name riders and business cards. . .ugh, the least fun project ever but I’m sure it’s bad mojo to have it any longer.

2010 was an amazing year.  Unwavering support and cheering from my family, especially my folks.  My little brother is going to be a dad soon which has me over the moon excited to be an aunt to OLIVA who is due to make her debut around Valentine’s Day.  My wonder pooch Libby has taught me that the left side of the car indeed smells different than the right. . .which has me tweaking some marketing and web ideas for the new year.

More dresses.  It’s frankly the easiest way to get ready in the morning, though, after ruining a few pairs of heels on job sites this year, I may be looking into more flats to wear with them. . .but the browsing has begun for those new head shots to kick off the name change.  Check out  and . . .Gym and I have a hot date this evening.

Mardi Gras Masquerade Auction Night!



Save the date!  March sixth will be a fun night filled with fantastic food, fun auction, a live band and lots of fun folks.  Hosted again at the Swansboro Rotary building (and I’m sure like last year, we will be close to capacity) and ticket sales start soon! 

If you’re interested in more information on The Montessori Children’s School (located near my office off of Gum Branch) or the Montessori philosophy, please visit: . 

Hope to see you there!

Auld Lang Syne, Haggis. . .and what not.


My noggin can be a scary place, like a plate spinner at the circus, there’s generally five to nine thoughts rolling around at the same time, some faster than others.  It’s almost New Years. . .which made me think of Auld Lang Syne, by good old Robbie Burns and years ago a night I randomly stumbled across The Country Squire in Warsaw (NC).  Who can’t enoy a joint with huge slabs of meat on the menu and a tree growing through the roof in the front hall?  This particular evening, they were hosting a wake, I was invited by the hostess to join (ahem?!). . .then I heard the bagpipes, saw the parading of the haggis and was kinda bummed I said no thank you.  This year, Robbie Burns night is January 22. . .and it’s worth checking out.  Can’t make it that night?  It’s still a nifty place to try out, a litte off the beaten path and surrounded by fantastic antebellum h0mes and farms so try to go while it’s still light out your first time. . .besides, going any other night means haggis won’t be on your menu.

Cheers to a wonderful 2010, can’t wait to see what adventures 2011 will hold!


May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.

Thank you all for an amazing year.  Some home sales were easy as pie, some a little complicated and some as tough as giving birth to a baby rhino (not sure, but imagine that it would be slow and painful, so I felt a handy analogy).  Thank you for all the close-call home sales too and I hope the stars align in the new year– after your promotion, baby’s arrival, graduation, marriage, retirement, divorce. 

I’m happy to count myself as ons of the few Realtors in the world who is still sitting at their desk during the holiday season responding to past, present and future clients.  It’s been a busy year and I’m already rolling into the new year swinging.

This year has been full of questions about the state of the economy, real estate, and the American Dream.  Part of being good at what you do is know when not to do what you love to do.  I’m thrilled with the homes and folks I have connected with this year but also the homes that didn’t sell because it simply wasn’t the right time for them to buy, pcs orders changed,  bad mix of risk and reward.  If you need more info about the local economy, want to talk shop. . .I’m always available, well, maybe too available which is on the resolutions list for the new year, but happy to help you figure out if now is a good time for you to buy or sell. . .or rent or lease. . .or look at an option contract. 

It’s the fit that counts and there is something out there for everyone.  I hope to help you find it.

With warm wishes for you and yours this holiday season!  May your new year be filled with even more fun adventures and great memories than the year almost past.