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They may be virtual, but sometimes, they are the greatest neighbors.


I happen to have an amazing lab mix, full of personality and apparently, bored as of late.  I had a weekend full of activities and a few late nights (interrupted by bathroom and feed breaks for her) and Liberty Belle, the wonder pooch, got creative.

I walked in late Saturday evening to find shredded garbage from one end of the living room to the other and a black dog that knew nothing on the subject, naturally.  I clean it up, we head to bed.

First thing in the am, she’s swinging from chandeliers like she’s been living on pixie sticks for the last week.  I head to the kitchen to make myself some be-nice-juice and find she has devoured the contents of a picnic basket I won earlier in the week.  Contents of her stomach included (mind you also Saturday night dinner and Sunday am feeding to boot): a bag of cheese its, two travel containers of pringles (both original and sour cream), two packs of lance crackers (one cheese, one wheat, both with peanut butter of course), a chocolate pudding cup, a pack of oreos, half a pack of trident gum (to freshen up) and three travel tubes of crystal light (the size you add to a water bottle) to wash things down.

When I got back at lunch she was in a hurt locker.  I’ll spare you the details but I do have an antique silk rug that could use a little professional tlc as Libbys impersonation of a Sick Puppy and mine as a professional carpet sweeper were not the costumes I had in mind this year.

By dinner, it was time to call the vet.  The good doc was impressed with the sheer VOLUME of what she ate and was less concerned about the chocolate intake considering how many other starches were mixed in and hopefully absorbing/preventing damage.  Not reassuring enough.

By about eleven I was doing quite the epic web search on the phone and found this great person: http://alexadry.hubpages.com/hub/Dog-upset-stomach-home-remedy .

I tried a few of the suggestions but found swapping the mashed taters for grits an easy enough swap that made the patient happy and kept me from running out to the store.  In the am, the vet also offered a trick, full fat vanilla iced cream, apparently coats their tummies like pepto does for us.  Good old fashioned napping also helped her turn the corner but there was no avoiding her being miserable for a few days.

**##Disclaimer, please read the article and please consult your vet.  Just passing along some helpful info but you should heed a professional’s advice.


Charity Open House Huge Success!


Thanks to all who stopped by 3234 Planters Lane in Jacksonville, NC today for a fantastic lunch catered by Lisa Davila.  Dyal Photography was there to snap pics of local Realtors with Santa.  The American Cancer Society and it’s major annual fundrasier, Relay for Life (http://www.relayforlife.org/), is a cause near and dear to our hearts.  Jacksonville Board of Realtors man of the hour, Mike FX Burke was gracious enough to reprise his role for us as jolly St. Nick.  Great food, great pictures, and a LARGE home full of great company (six bedrooms, four and a half baths, three car garage, elevator, fireplaces galore, sweeping staircase and more! http://vu.realbiz360.com/Listing-241196.html)!  Thank you everyone who made this an amazing event!

Fantastic food: Lisa Davila 910.467.4360 lisa@Bdazle.com (and great promo products @ http://bdazle.com/)

Fantastic photographers: http://2chicksandacamera.com/ Dyal Photography

Annual Montessori Children’s School Fundraiser


  From my palio who coordinates this event every year: ”

Hi all!
Just a reminder:  The Montessori Children’s School Auction(aka my second child) is this Saturday, March 5th from 6 until… at the Rotary in Swansboro.  Tickets are $40 for 1, $75 for 2 and you get a ton for the money!  Food from amazing Jacksonville, Swansboro, Emerald Isle and Morehead City restaurants, wine from the Biltmore Estate, and Beer!  The Notorious Clamslammers are our entertainment and there will be tons of wonderful items up for auction.  I have attached my most recent spreadsheet if you would like to check it out.  Please email me or come visit for tickets or questions!  Thank you!

P.S. If you or a client still has an item that they wish to donate for auction, please come see me asap.  I am trying to finalize the list, but always open to donations:)  It is a great way to promote a business or a personal hobby!”

Swansboro, this Saturday evening, Clam Slammers (the beach/shag band) will be playing, heavy pupus, drinks, and lots of fun folks. . .and by the end of the night, at least a few folks end up shagging on the auction floor.  I’ve been every year, and each year it’s bigger and better and more packed!  I may not have kiddos/wee party goers myself, however, I love the philosophy, the program and the instructors not to mention more than a few of the families involved. 

Let me know if you’re interested in tickets and I’ll pass along the contact information.

*** Full disclosure, my firm is a corporate sponsor. . .

If only the flu flew away. . .


Bear with me folks, if you’re not on my FB updates. . .I have been rocking the most amazing strain of the flu for the better part of a week.  Good news, giving me an even better head start on fitness goals for the new year, bad news, it’s made me slower at responding to emails and voicemail.   I promise to get back with all of you, ideally, emails are a tad bit easier for me to more swiftly respond and it saves you from delicate coughing fits over the phone.  Generally, I get a bug only one a year. . .I have to be pretty dang blessed it’s been such a busy week month which makes me ready to dive back into work. . .if only the boss would quit sending me home early.  Keep emailing, calling, texting.  I can still crank out lots of research and contracts from the sick bay!

Deadline on the horizon!


Hiya folks!

Don’t forget, the end of November makes the close of the firs time home buyer’s $8,000 tax incentive offer.  As a National Association of Realtors, we are pushing to extend this deadline making this amazing offer avail. to move folks. . .also, there’s a push to extend the offer to repeat buyers AND to increase the amount from $8,000 to %16,000 but baby steps, it would be nice just to extend the intial offer. 

If you’re in the market for a home, rates are at amazing FIXED rates (my last few buyers have been securing loans around 5% and 5.25% for 30 years with no down payment) and if you close by Thanksgiving, you qualify for the first time home buyer tax credit. . .closings are taking a little longer these days as new settlement statements are rolling out so plan on 30-45 days rather than an overly optimistic 30 to get the deal done.




Progressive open house Wednesday starting at my listing on Fowler Manning Road.  A Spacious three bedrooms, two and a half bath home, gas fireplace, two car garage, HUGE lot (over 1.5 acres), very open family/kitchen room, dining could double as an office if needed.  Ceiling fans throughout and the LARGEST walk-in master closet with motion activated lights!  A Must see!  My listing is house one of FOUR, apps at mine, salad at another, sandwiches and dessert at the last two. . .give me a call for directions or look up FOWLER MANNING in Richlands, NC.  Lots of agents will be there!

Yet again number one. . .


Sooo, quickie update, yes, my firm was number one for all of last year for the whole of Onslow County and for the first quarter of this year as well and real estate is going just swimmingly here on Onslow County, which, generally, being known as “On-Slow” County is a feat in itself.

I was lucky enough to break away from work for the weekend to see two great pals get married up near Beaufort (NC) at a loverly new Golf Course community. . .which is looking a little slow to sell, lots of vacant home sites. . .sad that I can’t turn the work thing off at times. . . but looked like a pretty course so if you’re ever in Beaufort, I have a place to send you!  A group of gal pals and I are finally getting around to planning a group golf lesson or two. . .we have such crazy schedules I don’t know when it will happen, but we have more than one instructor who has been voluntold to be there. . .Hi Carl (in particular), sorry you told us what a great coach you were before you knew you were getting nominated!  I promise to not wear pink, Lisa on the other hand is on the look out for pink clubs. . .embrace it, it’s going to happen. . .I’ll bring a cooler . . . 🙂

Hope your summer is going well all. . .slather on the sun screen and if you’re enjoying a season of lowlights, a fabulous beach trick to try that will leave you looking like an extra from a Soul Glow Commercial but your hair in fabulous shape is to take an empty and clean spray bottle and dump in one third sunblock, one third hair conditioner and one third water, shake and spray all over your noggin. . . cheers to a season of not looking like a q-tip!