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By letting me help you, you help me win an iPad–



Hi guys! We are having a referral contest at work to win an iPad, I NEED YOUR HELP! I want an iPad something fierce! What’s a referral you ask? If you know of anyone who plans to move anywhere in the world (yes, literally the world, not just the Jacksonville, NC area-which, of course send them my way too!) and would love a friendly, talented, experienced person with a track record to assist them rather than throw a dart at or the yellow pages and hope to get lucky. . .I can do that, at no cost to you or your pal. HEEELLLPPP!!! Pour through those friends lists! 🙂 WHEN I win, I’ll of course let you come visit and play with the iPad!

Know someone that wants to move, is thinking about moving. . .might be renting or buying or selling a home?  I don’t care where you live or if a tornado hit your home (we’ve been helping our local victims as well). . .I’d love to help!  I’ll match folks up with the most professional an dhard working follks I can find!

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Yes, my last name is changing.


Hiya folks.

I have been asked enough recently that I thought it worthy a post on the old blog, which, apologies for not devoting time to it in the past few months, ’tis the busy season and my schedule has been swamped.

Long story short, I was married, to a Marine, and, in another life I was a Marine’s daughter (apparently I was a sikorsky groupie in a former life). . .dear old dad is retired and, unfortuantely the marriage didn’t work out.

This summer, once I can catch my breath and find some spare daylight I will be working on the fun process so many ladies love. . .legally changing your name.  I’ll be reverting to my maiden name, Johnson, from Laurence, this summer. . .so. . .thankfully the first name, McKenzie, is a snap to remember–there’s only one of me in the real estate market here in the area.

So, what does this mean to you?  No much, other than I am about to have some snazzy new business cards to hand out soon.  I should have done this a year or two ago, but, in the marketing world, you hate to make changes like this. . .but, it’s the nature of the beast I suppose.  I don’t plan to do this again, the divorce thing, the marriage thing was pretty great for the most part. . .but divorce, I think I’d rather have my wisdom teeth pulled, and a root canal, and be covered with live angry bees first. . .

Long and short, soon I’ll be McKenzie Johnson (again) but it will still be good old hardworking me.

Visit and to learn more about me, the Onslow County area and see lots of great homes.  I have bunches of nifty links there as well for schools, bases, local areas of interest and more.

As if you needed more great reasons to live in this state…


According to an article today on Yahoo news, Raleigh and Charlotte are two of the top ten places to live in the US that are CONSIDERED TO BE RECESSION PROOF!!!

Check out the article, and, as always, if you are looking to BUY, SELL or RENT real estate, I would love the opportunity to earn your business!  Give me a call at 910.554.0761 or email me at so we can get the ball rolling.  Visit my websites: and for more information about the Onslow County area.

Big and beefy web presence, because, size, afterall, does matter!


size-does-matter.jpgBig and beefy, fresh and meaty, can you guess what it is?  My Internet presence!  Why is that super cool and important to you?  If you are selling your home in a military town, most prospective buyers are in Sand Diego, northern Virginia, Pensacola, South Carolina and the like.  They aren’t here.  If you are reading this, like most folks, you must be doing a little web research, looking for a home, an agent, to learn more about the Jacksonville, NC area, or perhaps found a listed tag that pertains to a special interest of yours.  However you found me, the fact is, that you did.  I’m glad you’re here, I hope you find the information helpful.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me.  I’d love to walk you through the sale or purchase of a property in the Jacksonville area. . .or help you find a rental if you plan to be in the area under two years.

It is an exciting time to be in Jacksonville. . .especially this time of the year.  But keep in mind, if you are looking for a listing agent, you found my page. . .well, pages plural. . .but how many does your average real estate broker have?  If you’re lucky ONE. . .I have THREE not to mention countless networking sites. . .which when you’re trying to get attention for your property from down the street to on the other side of the world, it matters. (TONS of local links, really cool stuff, and hey, homes to look at)  (more cool info, easy to remember site so you should tell your friends, and, even more homes to look at!) (oh, wait, Hi, you’re already here!)

Musical Nests!


blue-eggs.jpgIt’s that time of year!  And, SO exciting!  Spring is of course great, but for me, made even better by all the nice folks I get to meet as they begin to make their moving plans!  I can tell by the steep uptick in traffic on my websites as well as this blog that more and more of you are out there, testing the market, doing lots of great research on your own and, looking for an agent.  If I am lucky enough to have you find me, I hope you will consider my services.  I’m more than happy to interview for the job, but a huge thumbs up already, you found me, which means I have pretty decent web exposure which, in a military town, is how a bulk of you folks look for homes and learn about your new hometown.  If you are still needing more information and can’t find it here, try either of my websites:

Lots of fabulous links for Jacksonville, Onslow County and the surrounding areas.  Cool local businesses, restaurants, things to do with your kiddos and more (and the usual stuff like the local paper, school links, etc.).

Rental Supply and Demand, Simply put, the Military Lifts our Market!



It’s no secret that the basis of our local economy is the US Military.  The government is our largest employer. . .and local businesses benefit by providing services that support both the troops and their families.

I have worked this past week with some very frustrated clients.  Folks freshly back from deployment who need something, well, “yesterday.”  Truly, our office tries to keep tenants in place if possible while an active duty member deploys, gone are the days where waves of spouses and families move “home” during a deployment, there are fabulous support programs in place such as the Key Volunteer Network and L.I.N.K.S.  Compared to the Desert Storm years, and many more new businesses and things to do in the Eastern N.C. area. 

With a huge deployment return, we in the industry frequently have a run on rental properties. . .highlighting our need for more residences.  We are expecting an approximate 10,000 troop increase, not taking into account the families, and in some cases extended families that move with them.  There is and will continue to be a need and market for both multi-family dwellings such as apartment complexes and duplexes as well as single family homes in every price range.

Short and sweet: the Jacksonville economy is a pretty darn safe and secure market to invest in!