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I’m naming my to-do list “the Gorilla”


We’re working on some new tools to help make your home search go that much more smoothly. We have a great smart phone app avail at http://www.JasonGruner.com if you open it from your smart phone browser as well as some neighborhood tours on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RealtorMcKenzie?feature=mhee also take some time to visit http://www.GrunerResidential.com and http://www.RiptideBuilders.com or, if you’re hooked like I am, check out my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/mckenzie27/

Pinterest, fine, I’m addicted.


Source: realestatemckenzie.wordpress.com via McKenzie on Pinterest

Click above so we can swap ideas and frolic on the interwebs together.  I’m guilty of  “pinteresting”at baby showers skipping the games, slow open houses, waiting forever past a scheduled Dr. Appointment, waiting for movies to start.  In short, I’m terrible at waiting.  I’m sure most folks are but as a grown up, I have come to realize I have the patience of a six year old.  May as well use those powers for good instead of evil!

Find killer party ideas, nifty out door entertaining and party game suggestions (giant Jenga or Monopoly anyone?!), paint ideas, furniture lay out suggestions and of course – HEY, I’D LOVE IT IF YOU CALLED ME ABOUT REAL ESTATE!

I swear I’ll put down my Pinterest boards to take you call!  😉

“Up” house tour in Utah



Visit this link for the cutest home tour ever, the house from UP built to real life scale.  Something upbeat to think about after a terrible weekend, helicopter crashes and loss, riots and fires in London and stock woes.  I’m enjoying spotty internet and a tough work day (nothing in comparison, I know) so I needed the smile.  Hope you survive your Monday also.

I get by with a little help from my friends, thanks folks for reposting this for me.

Moose Lodge Open House


OPEN HOUSE at the MOOSE LODGE in Jacksonville, NC 28546.  Saturday, June 25th  the local chapter of the Order of the Moose will be hosing an open house!  Pig Pickin’ for $7.00 per person, at 3pm a horseshoe tournament will commence, at 6pm, Karaoke!  Open to all, you don’t have to be a member but they are looking for new folks to join!  Located at 135 Moosehaven Road (same road Texas Roadhouse is located on off of highway 17, and behind McD’s and Mi Cabana and new Navy Federal on Western)–mint green building behind the pine trees.  Need more information?  Call 910.346.4550 .  Hope to see you there!

Giving blood is a good thing, and you even get schnacks.


A few weeks back, I think on the last really cool and windy day of spring, I donated blood for the first time in forever.  Royce, a colleague at my office suggested it and as a father of two grown kids, knew exactly how to rope me in.  “Want to give blood today?” “I’m in the middle of herding some cats, when?” “Right now, I have an appointment.” “Eek, maybe!” “No, seriously, just hop in the car, I’ll drive.” So off I run out the front door, jacketless, to be the first donor of the day, with excellent blood flow no less (yes, I’m that competitive).  I close the car door, he locks it and off we went but I have to admit I felt like a dog being tricked into a vet visit with a promise of a cookie and a drive around the neighborhood.  Anyhoo, good deed done and yesterday, a shiny new official donor card showed up in the mail with a thank you note and a suggestion of when and where I could donate next.

If you’d love a giggle, check out this link  http://www.issendai.com/rpgs/takemywings/bloodtypes.htm .  In Japan and Korea there’s a practice of asking your blood type.  Apparently they feel much like a horoscope that it reflects your personality (which I would say is a bunk science, however, I do happen to check my horoscope a few times a month-Libra, ‘natch).  Soooo, type O positive does seem to hit the nail on the head although I’m getting better at finishing unfinished projects.  Happy reading and researching.









A love letter to photoshop.



Ah, photo shop, I love thee.  Remember the good times we had years ago when I did my last head shots.  Yes, the laughter, the fun . . .

Photo session went fine, though I’m still not a fan of standing around and doing the photo thing for work, hoping this will tide me over for a few years (or I’ll get creative and hire a cartoonist again like I did years ago).  Unretouched. . .for now.

18 homes, a dozen stair cases and four inch heels


Equals a fun day at the Carolina Plantations Open House.  I think after nearly twenty homes, close to one hundred degree temps and over two hours outside, I get a free pass on the marathon training for the day (side bar note:  should any of your have the name of a reputable rickshaw dealer and/or taxi in the Portland, Oregon area, let me know; that’s the back up plan for the run).  I dare say I made it to a darker shade of off-white today!

Have questions regarding new construction options and the purchase process?  I’m your gal!