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Festivus for the rest of us


It’s that time of year again!  Open air concerts, fishing championships and festivals.  Check out the new and improved website:  .  Arts by the sea this year is June 11, 9-6 with a fantastic wine tasting from 5-8.  Fourth of July celebration of course falls on the 4th and the Mullet festival is October  8-9 and the Holiday flotilla is November 25.

PS-  Onslow Senior Services is looking for some help with their meals on wheels program.  If you’ve got some spare time, please give them a call at 910.989.3006 to get more information.

Grit, passion and generally kicking ass-I’m sure it’s on her resume.


In life it’s great when you can find an author who helps give you a swift kick in the butt when you’re needing inspiration, someone who can get those brain juices pumping like a lemonade dispenser at a chick-fil-a during the summertime.   Sally Hogshead is that for me.  How can you not appreciate a chick who’s website tag line is: ” A hogshead is a barrel that holds 62 gallons.  So what’s your name, smartass?”  Sure, you can toss me in a lbd and slap on some classic jewelry and make me stand around and drink tea and eat cucumber finger sandwiches but at heart, I’m still that girl who gets a good belly laugh out of the great things in life like dirty jokes, great stories, meeting new folks and laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Just picked up and blasted through her latest book, Fascinate , which, as expected, rocked.  If you haven’t stumbled across her first book, Radical Careering, it’s a must read also, however out of print

Anyhoo, enjoying a fired up author as I do and being a little too plugged in to sites like twitter and StumbleUpon, I found out she eloped recently which I think is so rocking and so her.  Kinda have to read to appreciate and no, it’s not some TLC wedding story mumbo jumbo, just kick-ass big love and them celebrating it together.  Oh, and a pink wig is involved.

SO, if you’re looking for a little self-inflicted ass kicking with a side of fire in your belly, she’s a great read, tons of personality and lots of great real world examples.  If you can’t smile while reading anything she does, you must have the personality of a spork, just sayin.’

Memorial Weekend


As usual, I’m working on a holiday weekend, but, also as usual, for a great reason.  Helping military families enjoying a 96 (96 hours off) away from work find a place to call home.  Please remember the reason for the holiday weekend.  Check out a few great links.  I’m off to dodge rain drops and lock boxes that bite as I show homes today.  Enjoy your weekend!

“Facts underlying the hypothetical contract.”



How’d you spend your Saturday morning?  I was up at day break and thought about getting a run in but decided getting some ironing done would be more productive. . .then bustled off to my annual state mandated Real Estate Update Course.

Favorite quote of the day “Facts underlying the hypothetical contract.” . . .it’s sort of a snoozefest, basically, because so much of the information rolls out months prior.  Things like contract, addendum changes, disclosure updates and the like.  In the last year, we managed to keep (with the NC Bar Association) to keep our contract to nine pages but managed to nix lots of ineffective content and I feel make some of our documents have more “teeth.”

Do I feel smarter?  A tiny bit, I did manage to ask a question that stumped the proctor and instructor and that always makes me feel fancy.  Question:  Why aren’t funds granted to buyer or seller post real estate closing transaction, especially those paid by lending institutions (in particular, USAA, Navy Federal-basically anyone with federal ties) to a client to induce a sale, loan use, membership etc. required to be disclosed on the HUD-1 settlement statement? . . .it’s my singular “stand on soapbox beat on chest” issue that I hope gets resolved in the next renovation of the HUD-1 settlement statement.  (  I should say, as things stand now, it SHOULD be included as the buyer/seller is receiving funds from the lender and any fund distribution with regards to a specific real estate transaction has to be disclosed on the HUD-1, however, some lenders and some closing attorneys don’t agree.  I happen to fundamentally disagree with the lender’s ability to contribute to the client/member due to the fact that REALTORS have very strict provisions on what we are allowed to use as thank you gifts, otherwise, things are denoted as “inducements.”  Anyhoo, catching my breath, I’m interested to see how things develop with regards to this specific topic in the next year as we as an industry undergo even more sweeping changes and updates.

Short version.  Thrilled I went today even if it took me three diet cokes to make it through.

A love letter to photoshop.



Ah, photo shop, I love thee.  Remember the good times we had years ago when I did my last head shots.  Yes, the laughter, the fun . . .

Photo session went fine, though I’m still not a fan of standing around and doing the photo thing for work, hoping this will tide me over for a few years (or I’ll get creative and hire a cartoonist again like I did years ago).  Unretouched. . .for now.

Snap snap, click click


When your boss mid conversation hauls out a crumpled and dusty hard copy of your head shot says “How old is this?!” and starts to chuckle, it may be time to get a new one.  I was hoping to get a little more beige and a little less translucent between now and then however it’s not in the cards.  Arts and crafts time this weekend!

Operation B4 Tornado Victims Benefit


Operation B4, the foundation raising money to lend support to families affected by the tornadoes that touched down in Onslow County on April 17, 2011 is hosting an amazing event.  Saturday, June 4th starting at 10am there will be face painting, entertainment, a bake sale, craft vendors, silent auction, model car races, and more.  Tickets for BBQ plates can be purchased in advance or at the door for $6.00, includes pulled/chopped pork, baked beans, hush puppies, cole slaw and rolls.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and funnel cakes will also be sold.  Swamp Loggers will be on site to sign autographs.

18 homes, a dozen stair cases and four inch heels


Equals a fun day at the Carolina Plantations Open House.  I think after nearly twenty homes, close to one hundred degree temps and over two hours outside, I get a free pass on the marathon training for the day (side bar note:  should any of your have the name of a reputable rickshaw dealer and/or taxi in the Portland, Oregon area, let me know; that’s the back up plan for the run).  I dare say I made it to a darker shade of off-white today!

Have questions regarding new construction options and the purchase process?  I’m your gal!