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NUMBER ONE OFFICE IN ONSLOW COUNTY!  It’s a tiny bit unheard of and I’m burning the midnight oil to make sure I’m contributing, but our little firm of under thirty agents is the number one office and holding for Onslow County in Eastern NC!  I say this as we beat out offices/firms with multiple locations and close to one hundred agents.

Working hard, doing right, following up and quality control pay off.  It’s been a tortoise vs. the hare sort of race since Keller Williams came to town but I think that’s how you win.

Work hard, stay humble, be nice to people.



Some things in computerland never die and I see folks are still trying to find me via my old site, McKenzieSellsHomes.com . . .which is now disabled, I’m exclusively on 910homes.net in part due to spelling issues (though many of you now have a McKenzie of your own in your life, the name made the top baby name list, however, it has the most number of spellings) and what not. . .  I TWEET much more than I blog these days, so check it out at RealEstateKenz OR look up by my email address McKenzieSellsHomes@gmail.com .  Facebook is my favorite way to connect, much more fun to sell homes and see what you guys do to them, you can find me there too.

Yet again number one. . .


Sooo, quickie update, yes, my firm was number one for all of last year for the whole of Onslow County and for the first quarter of this year as well and real estate is going just swimmingly here on Onslow County, which, generally, being known as “On-Slow” County is a feat in itself.

I was lucky enough to break away from work for the weekend to see two great pals get married up near Beaufort (NC) at a loverly new Golf Course community. . .which is looking a little slow to sell, lots of vacant home sites. . .sad that I can’t turn the work thing off at times. . . but looked like a pretty course so if you’re ever in Beaufort, I have a place to send you!  A group of gal pals and I are finally getting around to planning a group golf lesson or two. . .we have such crazy schedules I don’t know when it will happen, but we have more than one instructor who has been voluntold to be there. . .Hi Carl (in particular), sorry you told us what a great coach you were before you knew you were getting nominated!  I promise to not wear pink, Lisa on the other hand is on the look out for pink clubs. . .embrace it, it’s going to happen. . .I’ll bring a cooler . . . 🙂

Hope your summer is going well all. . .slather on the sun screen and if you’re enjoying a season of lowlights, a fabulous beach trick to try that will leave you looking like an extra from a Soul Glow Commercial but your hair in fabulous shape is to take an empty and clean spray bottle and dump in one third sunblock, one third hair conditioner and one third water, shake and spray all over your noggin. . . cheers to a season of not looking like a q-tip!


Cindy, girl, I am resisting the urge to post your entire email  . . .  I had to put Goober the wonder-dog-great-dane down last week after thirteen years.  A very tough decision indeed, he was a Fairfax County SPCA rescue dog (to anyone reading this, if you are considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, please consider your local shelter first, a rescued animal never forgets!) who has had MANY adventures.  My thoughts are with you ANNNNNDDDD as usual, though later than planned, I am posting your latest event info. 

think of Robin Williams movie while reading that opening.
Hope all is well, I am still in Pa. but we are planning a motor cycle ride in Jacksonville starting at Shamrock Biker Outfitters on Henderson Dr. a little ways across Swyanks Pub,
Gooooooood Mooooorrrrnnningggg Jacksonville!


Date: Sunday June7th, 2009
Time: 1000am registration, first bike off at 12 noon
Place: Shamrock Biker Outfitter, 209 Henderson Dr. ( check out Jim’s place, nice fellow, small business owner, let’s help the little guys too! like us)
finish  with wings at Hooter’s Restaurant on Western Blvd.
$10.00 a rider, $15.00 for couples.
details of ride will be announced the week of the ride so check back with us..
I NEED VOLUNTEERS BADLY, as we want to have a bike wash too, either before or after the ride….
if anyone feels the spirit of helping to find door prizes from local businesses for the ride let me know, I can forward a request letter of ours to drop off to area local businesses andwhen I get back I can personally stop by business to thank.
 or prepare some food for after the ride we would love that too…anyway or thing would be appreciated.


Angels’ Voices Speak Up
A Voice for the Voiceless,
Speaking out for those who can’t speak up.
We still believe:
“Before you can change the world. It takes one mind at a time, starting with mine.
 Change your mind, change the world.”

2009 Montessori Fund Raiser!!!!!!!!!


Hi everyone,
It is that time of year again!  I am selling tickets to the second annual Montessori Children’s School “Night Down in Dixie”.  For those that attended last year, no explanation is necessary, was an unbelievably good time!!!  For the rest of you- there were will be free food from local restaurants, free beer, and free wine from Biltmore Estate Winery.  Music will be provided by the Dixieland Jazz Band.  The best part is the auction!!!  We have amazing donations from local and national vendors that will be available for you to bid on.
 Just a sampling:
-Home on Martha’s Vineyard for 1 week
-Carolina Panther’s football signed by the team.
-Orthodontic care for your child from start to finish
-Teeth Whitening
-Countless gift certificates from local salons
-Fishing charters
-Redskins and Panther’s tickets
-The list goes on and on!! 
We have something for all budgets and tastes and did I mention free beer and wine???  I hope to see you all there for this wonderful event that supports a local school!  We had over 600 people in attendance last year and raised over $40,000.00  Plus, I work my tush off on this event, so If you don’t buy tickets I’ll have to hunt you downJ  Here is the info, come see me!!!
Checks payable to Montessori Children’s School (is tax deductible)
Cost:  35.00 per ticket
Date of Event:  Saturday, March 7th
Time:  6pm
Swansboro Rotary Club and Civic Center.
Jennifer Furtney Ellenor
Office:  910.455.5328
Mobile:  919.412.7167
Fax:  910.346.1147
Century 21 Champion Real Estate
Recruiting Executive
Assistant to Art Furtney
Carolina Family Mortgage
Licensed Mortgage Consultant



I had to share the latest funny site I stumbled across while web surfing in the office, my favorite thing to do while on hold!  🙂

You have to check out http://www.torsopants.com FUNNY shirts and one of the more brilliantly designed websites I have seen in a while, reminds me a little of the intro to a Monty Python movie or something. . .

Happy shopping, browsing and laughing!

The Cottages at Holly Ridge


I had to let you know about a beautiful new construction community in the Holly Ridge area, a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach.  The Cottages at Holly Ridge hosted a lovely open house for us agents to preview their beautiful new homes built in sort of a crafstman-like manner.  Attention to detail, fine appointments, great paint colors and cool floor plans await in this planned and peacefull community.  Contact me today for additional information, priced, floor plans and to set up a preview for yourself, though, sadly I am sure the caterers will not be there:

Check out the amazing folks at:

Justbaked Bakery

205 South Topsail Drive

Surf City, NC 28445



I LOVE the smell of contracts in the morning, smells like…VICTORY!!!


I am sitting in my empty firm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I am the last person here. . .finalizing a contract that was verbally accepted yesterday.  The day before, I had the best career high for me, two listings and one offer to purchase. . .I have to admit that with the weird market, I’d hope for that in a week or a month. . .so, the price to pay for being busy during the week is clean up on the weekend.  So, here I sit at the computer cranking out contracts and doing site updates whilst enojoying the ipod and rocking out to the likes of Guns and Roses, the Dan Band and Sade (I know, weird) in jeans drinking Diet Coke by the bucket.

This has been an amazing year for me.  THANK YOU again to my family, friends and great customers and clients who have been a part of it and trusted me to send me their own family, friends and colleagues to me.  A referral is the finest compliment I can receive from you all and you have kept me busy this year, you’re amazing.  I have moved into a pretty new office in my firm, it ALMOST has a window and I am crunching numbers to see if I am ready to hire an assistant, never thought that was going to happen.

I hope to see many of you at the joint birthday party Kristy and I are doing. . .the first of MANY 29th birthdays.  I looked for a mini pony to hire for party entertainment since just about every woman our age wanted a pony for her birthday, sadly, it looks like it won’t happen. . .not to mention Kristy’s hubby isn’t a fan of pony “mess” and used phrases like “You’re a realtor, don’t you know about HOAs?!” and “Will the pony be outside or inside?” . . .I was sad until I heard from a pal and found out what I am getting for a birthday present.  Visit www.IJudgeYou.com. . .a site devoted to tshirts insired by a group on Facebook I have been a member of for years now. . .”I judge you because you use poor grammar” . . .funny, funny stuff. . .in the mail now one of their snazzy shirts pour moi!

I hope you all are having a fun weekend, enjoying the INSANELY low interest rates on homes loans and for those of you near me, swearing about the crazy high gas prices and the shortage!