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Due dates for more than one project.



Hard to believe things are moving along so quickly but in hindsight, it’s been a LOOOOONG few months. (they do sent it a day or two early, but the best video clips compared to other sites, and I don’t have to imagine wee man as a fruit or a veggie.

Off to do some shopping with pals and a special lunch-might work on my crib pro and con list while we’re out- yet ANOTHER pal welcomed a baby this weekend, and she didn’t have a name until this morning. . .I can appreciate the indecision and the hand wringing trying to come up with the perfect name.  Welcome to the world Blake Mahoney B.  Hope you’re loving your first Montana weekend!  🙂

Can improving your inbox improve your life?


Have Gmail in particular?  I’m not tech savvy enough to give you rescue and “life hacking” pointers on how improving your inbox can improve your life for any other platform.

I found this :  and this: article on the subject and since I joke more than once a day when checking email on the mac or on my iphone that I am doing “email triage”- I was open to learning about new features that would provide virtual “baskets” to sort my incoming mail beyond just “inbox” and “junk.”

Here’s a youtube link : literally walking you through in in case you’re a little overwhelmed or completely freaked at any possibility of losing precious emails in the transition (I’ve become religious about keeping contacts, email pages refreshed and drafts saves after multiple phone and computer glitches, so far, it’s been a good habit, albeit a little ocd, to have).

I tried it out early this am and have to admit, halfway through the day, that it’s keeping my email responses more focused and when I have some spare time to see what coupons etc. I may have been emailed, I don’t have to flip through them to find pertinent MUST DO NOW items.  It’s like having an email concierge.  I’m anticipating a few glitches, however.  I’m sure something slightly more important than junk mail will wind up in a low priority basket, so there will still be pretty frequent checks to ensure the system is running smoothly.  

Hope you give it a try, it’s nice to have one more thing on automatic, especially with the bambino on the way!  Hoping to have as many systems as possible in place to keep things humming smoothly.  I was asked this week about maternity leave and I joked in the real estate world of self-employed folks, it’s non-existent.  That, and I am fairly certain when up for middle of the night feedings and I can’t go back to sleep, emails will be checked and blog stats references and cataloged. . .some habits are hard to break and some tricks, no matter how great, are difficult to teach old dogs. 

Hope summer is treating you well!


KW CARES! Keller Williams Family.




Be it helping agents in Ohio with commissions not paid by a competitive firm with ungentlemanly business practices, tornadoes or floods- KW Cares was built by agents, for agents.  We work in an unpredictable business and giving each other a hand up rather than a hand out when it’s most needed and to have it come from colleagues and fellow KW family members, we want to help everyone stay on their feet regardless of what natural, political or business disasters there may be.

For more information about KW Cares, Contact a local Keller Williams office/Market Center or visit Keller Williams online.

Also, feel free to visit my team site, for local real estate information or to help with referrals or relocation.

We’re here to help- not just our customers and clients but also each other.


3840 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28546


Quick MapQuest link with directions for our office.

Not a particularly exciting post, but handy.  

Learning stronger, better, faster ways to reach out!


20130621-101844.jpg (in case you need a soundtrack)

Realtors, as a general rule, are folks that as a collective, don’t posses the personality to be locked in a conference room for the duration of a day. . .we’re doers, connectors and terminal fidgeters.

Learning how to marry MANY multiple programs- and if you haven’t met me yet, technology makes me want to poke my eye out on a GOOD day.  Hopefully, creating some systems and organization to help things move along smoothly as I get a little busier with family life and leave NONE of you in the lurch.

Back to death by power point. . .and allowing myself a second (gasp) full sugar and full caffeine soda so I can hang with the big dogs today.

Eeek! Fall decor descends!



Running errands this week and ran in to a local craft store only to discover they have fall decor for sale (already?!) and Halloween things on the way!

Normally, silk mums wouldn’t spool me up, however the lovely staff person unpacking additional festive foliage offered “Lots of our customers like to get a little head start on the next season for their crafts, are you in to crafting?”  I was still a bit agog but managed a joke, “Yeah, I’m so crafty, I make people!”

Hard to believe as it is, about ready to wrap the second trimester and I’m headed for the home stretch.  Time flies, right?

So, lots to do, lots of decisions to be finalized.  Pregnancy by weeks, months and trimesters.  I guess the Mamma Bear routine and hormones kick in even before a kiddo arrives.

Updated contact information-


I was notified by a past client trying to track me down that my current info was a little difficult to find.  Here you are m’lady as well as you other folks out there.   😉

McKenzie Johnson Laurence, NCAR# 211086
Broker Associate, REALTOR
Gruner Residential
Keller Williams Realty
3840 Henderson Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28546
If you would like to be removed from future emails, reply with “remove” as
Know someone who needs some real estate assistance, we love when folks pass our info along and we love an excuse for an extra special thank you!Please review this document to understand how real estate agents work in North Carolina:

May 2013 Absorption Rates for Onslow County (aka Area 1-7)


May 2013 Absorption Rates For Onslow County (Areas 1 – 7) *


New Construction # Sales # Sales # Sales Currently Of Inventory


Past 12 Months Past 6 Months Past 3 Months **Number Number of Months


Sold Rate / Month Sold Rate / Month Sold Rate / Month Active 12 mos 6 mos 3 mos


Under $150,000 153 12.75 58 9.67 33 11.00 56 4.39 5.79 5.09


$150,001 – $175,000 477 39.75 234 39.00 119 39.67 161 4.05 4.13 4.06


$175,001 – $200,000 304 25.33 142 23.67 78 26.00 190 7.50 8.02 7.31


$200,001 – $225,000 201 16.75 82 13.67 38 12.67 107 6.39 7.83 8.45


$225,001 – $250,000 163 13.58 85 14.17 45 15.00 92 6.77 6.49 6.13


$250,001 – S275,000 102 8.50 53 8.83 34 11.33 51 6.00 5.78 4.50


$275,001 – $300,000 39 3.25 18 3.00 11 3.67 23 7.08 7.67 6.27


$300,001 + 33 2.75 12 2.00 9 3.00 52 18.91 26.00 17.33


Past 12 Months Past 6 Months Past 3 Months **Number Number of Months


Re-Sales # Sales # Sales # Sales Currently Of Inventory


(excluding REOs) Sold Rate / Month Sold Rate / Month Sold Rate / Month Active 12 mos 6 mos 3 mos


Under $150,000 368 30.67 161 26.83 97 32.33 520 18.95 19.38 16.08


$150,001 – $175,000 154 12.83 55 9.17 36 12.00 245 19.09 26.72 20.42


$175,001 – $200,000 104 8.67 41 6.83 28 9.33 118 13.61 17.28 12.65


$200,001 – $225,000 62 5.17 22 3.67 12 4.00 76 14.70 20.71 19.00


$225,001 – $250,000 25 2.08 8 1.33 6 2.00 73 35.01 54.89 36.50


$250,001 – $275,000 18 1.50 6 1.00 2 0.67 36 24.00 36.00 53.73


$275,001 – $300,000 18 1.50 3 0.50 3 1.00 25 16.67 50.00 25.00


$300,001 + 42 3.50 19 3.17 11 3.67 148 42.29 46.69 40.33