Monthly Archives: October 2010

New listings, new buyers, a sales rally, OH MY!


I’m locking myself in my bathroom until the Wash and Brush Up Co from the Wizard of Oz shows up.  I’ve been busy, two new listings since I was last on here (I know, the shame–but there’s everywhere else on the ‘net), a new buyer or three and an additional listing hopefully hitting before the end of the week so I will keep ya posted on that (just off of Western, 4/2 one car garage, wood burning fireplace in the den, four sided brick) and I head out of town soon for the Century 21 of the Carolinas Sales Rally.

So, what’s a Rally?  It’s a great chance once/twice a year to meet up with industry peers, swap war stories (naturally) and also pointers of what is working both new and old school in their communities as well as check some boxes on some amazing classes for our state/national mandated electives for the year as well as extra classes to learn new tricks or how to do old ones better.  I’m  super excited about the chance to break away from the office for a bit even if it’s for a work conference trip.  Market absorption rates, marketing standards and guidelines, how to make a short sale/foreclosure sale move more smoothly (pro tip, a “short sale” is nothing close to that, often taking months to wrap up and anything to make the foreclosure mess more clean…I’m in), etc. 




I just spent a green tea break (breaking up with diet coke is so hard to do) and thought I would check in and see what the blog stats are lately and OHMYGOLLYINSERTVISIONSOFAHAPPYDANCE!  Thanks for your visits folks, they do mean a lot. . .any requests for topics to cover?  This season things tend to slow down a bit though I am finding myself ankle deep in sand and muck at job sites frequently enough these days but there’s a smidge more time to blog, so, there’s that.  More attention headed this way soon, I promise.

What else is new?  Weighing the options of going all apple, thoughts and feelings?  I prepped for my first five k and have to say, something nice about crossing a finish line (no, time wasn’t stupendous, however, I wasn’t last either) has me thinking I’d like to do it again now that running is finally starting to be a little more fun.  Running has been helpful in the splendor and fun that is a Marine Corps Ball. . .nothing like an evening gown and spanks to have you running to the gym!

More fun articles to come, and better links (twitter is so dang much faster, sorry for being lazy). . .

In the meantime, feel free to find me on twitter @ realestatekenz and on FB if you’re interested.