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A journey begins with a single step. . .and all those other fantastic quotes that belong on a Successories ( poster or pencil cup.

Working on deepening those convolutions in my noggin and doing lots of prep tests (I need five more points before I’ve reached my own threshold of “preparedness”) and getting spam from future competition.  Today’s mission, see how many errors I could catch. . . .and whoa, Nellie, there were bunches.  Which makes me feel pretty dang awesome on so many levels, A. the info is actually sticking in my brain like a great shepherd’s pie does to your ribs on a snowy night, 2. having the info and knowing how to use it is a powerful thing but, sometimes, perhaps best saved for when you’re actually in the pool of competition because III. feeling pretty good that I’m prepared for this next chapter if the “experienced” other guys are making such bonehead errors, and, so frequently.  Thanks fellas.

Back to enjoying hail and thunderstorms outside and lots more review indoors.

ps-sorry for the lack of clip art, spare time lately has been filled with flash cards and what not.

“Up” house tour in Utah


Visit this link for the cutest home tour ever, the house from UP built to real life scale.  Something upbeat to think about after a terrible weekend, helicopter crashes and loss, riots and fires in London and stock woes.  I’m enjoying spotty internet and a tough work day (nothing in comparison, I know) so I needed the smile.  Hope you survive your Monday also.

I get by with a little help from my friends, thanks folks for reposting this for me.

Okinawa bound? Your four-legged family members can make the move too!


“Good Day Everyone,

Attempting to keep everyone in the communication loop, I wanted to provide you with a quick update regarding bringing pets to Okinawa. In the past, we advocated against this since not all housing was considered pet friendly. Since that time, we got a new housing chief and as a result all military family housing is now pet friendly. Within the towers specifically, cats are allowed on all floors and dogs are limited to the first two floors.

Also, in the past, people left their pets behind per the suggestion only to be penalized once they arrived with being assigned a non-pet friendly house based on the fact they did not bring their pets. Again, this will not likely occur now since all military family housing is pet friendly. However, considering all of this, we are now not suggesting or advertising that people leave their pets behind. If people have more questions regarding this issue, please refer them to our housing office or to us for further clarification.

Also, please ensure members understand the pet importation process by referring them to this link:

I hope everyone is enjoying the busy relocation season! We are preparing for an incoming super typhoon, so pray that it doesn’t relocate us back to the states! LOL!!!

Respectfully Submitted,”

I didn’t want to include names but there’s a handy link above to grab additional information.  I’m not positive off-hand what the policy is for Hawaii but, of course, there’s still vet files, shots and quarantine to consider so dont’ forget to take that into account.

This evening is National Night Out!


Looking for something fun to do this evening?  National Night out will be in full swing from 5-9:30 this evening at the Riverwalk Park.  Fireworks, live music, food, 200+ vendors, Miss North Carolina, face painting, a bike give away (must be present to win) and more.    We’re sponsors, so, please stop by and enjoy an evening on us!


I’d write more about this fun event as well as would love to give you regular bloggity blog blog visitors something interesting to read since I have been neglecting this forum as of late. . .however, even with the sassy reading glasses, I have an eyelid twitch and the fumes from highlighters (alright, they are fume free but work with me here) have my head swimming. . . so, more later, I promise!  Plotting fantastical new adventures and projects to tackle in the next few months, and good stories always seem to happen when you kick off a new chapter in life.  🙂 TTFN.