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Musical Nests!


blue-eggs.jpgIt’s that time of year!  And, SO exciting!  Spring is of course great, but for me, made even better by all the nice folks I get to meet as they begin to make their moving plans!  I can tell by the steep uptick in traffic on my websites as well as this blog that more and more of you are out there, testing the market, doing lots of great research on your own and, looking for an agent.  If I am lucky enough to have you find me, I hope you will consider my services.  I’m more than happy to interview for the job, but a huge thumbs up already, you found me, which means I have pretty decent web exposure which, in a military town, is how a bulk of you folks look for homes and learn about your new hometown.  If you are still needing more information and can’t find it here, try either of my websites:



Lots of fabulous links for Jacksonville, Onslow County and the surrounding areas.  Cool local businesses, restaurants, things to do with your kiddos and more (and the usual stuff like the local paper, school links, etc.).

Long wait for base housing!


chesty1.jpg Growing up in the military, I was never fond of living in base housing.  Bouncing from coast to coast and island too, my family stayed in base housing only once, while my dad was at a school based in Quantico, so, maybe for only a year.  Everyone’s parents worked together all day so it seemed like a chore or mandatory work fun when trying to set up a play group. . .and, at least our family, felt a little closed off from the rest of the Northern Virginia Community staying weeks at a time on base.  Of course, like any rental, no fun paint colors or great garden in the back yard and when you leave, no equity.  That being said, for some folks it is a great fit, and if you plan to be in our area less than 2 years, renting or living on base are your safest bets financially for our market.  Base housing construction, management and renovation has been turned over to a civilian construction firm.  Right now, new units are being constructed with an estimated completion date of 2013, which quick math with the troop increase of just under 10,000 due to be completed by 2011. . .you can see things will be tight and waiting lists long. . .as things stand at present, the wait list to get into certain sized homes on Tarawa Terrace is up to six months. . .so, if you aren’t sure of what all of your housing options may be, please give me a call, I’ll help you find the right home. . .

Oh, and the groovy picture reminded me of Chesty, the USMC bulldog mascot, couldn’t resist with Valentine’s Day around the corner!