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Women’s Expo a blast!




A big thank you to everyone who stopped by the Women’s Expo!  Every year the event gets bigger and better!  I will be adding some blurbs over the next few days to introduce you to some great local small business people who are great at what they do.  If you’re searching for great local resources, stay tuned!


Folks, it’s that time of year again!  I will once again sponsor a booth at the Women’s Expo!  I hope you will stop by on September 20th between 10 and 4 and visit me and all the other great vendors who will be there. 

Located once again at the American Legion Building off of Georgetown Road behind the Navy Federal Credit Union off of Highway 17 near the Triangle area.

Bring pals, shop, learn, browse, network . . .it’s a fun once a year event!  I hope you can make it!



Visit the link below for detailed information:



HIYA Folks!

Some loverly ladies I know are hosting an open house for their various home-based businesses. . .a great opportunity for pre-holiday shopping!

This Saturday from 4-8 at 340 Rock Creek Drive South Juli Braatz of Tastefully simple (, Karen Trimble of The Pampered Chef ( , Katie Curry of Cookie Lee Jewelry ( and Laura Danford of Arbonne International ( .

These ladies request an rsvp to any of them so they can prepare for the number of guests who will attend.  Bring friends, have fun shopping!  I hope to bump into you there!

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I LOVE the smell of contracts in the morning, smells like…VICTORY!!!


I am sitting in my empty firm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I am the last person here. . .finalizing a contract that was verbally accepted yesterday.  The day before, I had the best career high for me, two listings and one offer to purchase. . .I have to admit that with the weird market, I’d hope for that in a week or a month. . .so, the price to pay for being busy during the week is clean up on the weekend.  So, here I sit at the computer cranking out contracts and doing site updates whilst enojoying the ipod and rocking out to the likes of Guns and Roses, the Dan Band and Sade (I know, weird) in jeans drinking Diet Coke by the bucket.

This has been an amazing year for me.  THANK YOU again to my family, friends and great customers and clients who have been a part of it and trusted me to send me their own family, friends and colleagues to me.  A referral is the finest compliment I can receive from you all and you have kept me busy this year, you’re amazing.  I have moved into a pretty new office in my firm, it ALMOST has a window and I am crunching numbers to see if I am ready to hire an assistant, never thought that was going to happen.

I hope to see many of you at the joint birthday party Kristy and I are doing. . .the first of MANY 29th birthdays.  I looked for a mini pony to hire for party entertainment since just about every woman our age wanted a pony for her birthday, sadly, it looks like it won’t happen. . .not to mention Kristy’s hubby isn’t a fan of pony “mess” and used phrases like “You’re a realtor, don’t you know about HOAs?!” and “Will the pony be outside or inside?” . . .I was sad until I heard from a pal and found out what I am getting for a birthday present.  Visit . .a site devoted to tshirts insired by a group on Facebook I have been a member of for years now. . .”I judge you because you use poor grammar” . . .funny, funny stuff. . .in the mail now one of their snazzy shirts pour moi!

I hope you all are having a fun weekend, enjoying the INSANELY low interest rates on homes loans and for those of you near me, swearing about the crazy high gas prices and the shortage!