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Breaking up is hard to do!


Ah, the turns in the market have all sorts of effects!  After nearly ten years with a certain web host, I’m leaving.  I feel like this is akin to dumping someone on facebook since I have yet to call their office and break the bad news.  Initially, they were dashing, had tons of skillz (bowhunting, nunchuck, etc. a la Napoleon Dynamite). . .but then I started reading Wired mag, learning a little html, getting back in touch with my inner geek (amazing what ten to fifteen years, some lip gloss and a great blow out can do for your geek image, though, I know reading glasses are around the corner soon.).

In short.  I want every bell and whistle I can to serve you better, which, means I have to jump ship and design a new website that better meshes with the other various platforms I have a soap box on. . .and I hope you’ll follow.  I can always been found here at good old WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. . .and will ALWAYS exist, but for the next day or two, I’m smearing it with a face mask, giving it a mani/pedi, and trimming off the dead ends and I hope you love the result.

In the meantime, ignore my eyelid twitch from too much computer time.

Spring has sprung which was cause for a new blog title.

Standard is alive and kicking. . .feel free to pick up a rock every now and then and pitch it my way.  Love some feedback and more ideas. . .this year I think there are a few treats in store in terms of format, new topics, etc. so keep checking back.  New business cards are on order. . .and at some point this spring, I’ll get around to a new head shot but enjoy the snap to your left for the time being.

 Lots happening in the real estate market of Onslow County NC.  I have a few blogs-in-progress but work, handily, gets in the way at times and dampens the creative spirit.  Adding some new folks to the team this year as well, so, should you visit, new smiling faces to meet.

If you’d like a snap shot of the market conditions for your specific needs and timeline, it’s a free serice I provide as well as free relocation services. . .if you’re anywhere in the world, I can research and find you an experienced and friendly agent with a rockin’ track record so you aren’t just throwing darts at the phone book looking for talanted help.

Visit . . .and if you know a talented computer geek (or happen to be one), I’d love some new layout ideas/options. . .thinking over web domain renovation and I’m open to suggestions.

In the meantime, I’m wrapping up some comparative market analysis projects for a few homes today and managed while out at lunch to find some cotton candy scented body spray at Walgreen’s to complete the Easter Bunny ensemble I’ll don for the annual office Easter party.  Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde with her pink scented resume. . .I figured smelling less like a costume out of a box after a year, smelling like candy might be helpful with scared wee ones.  We shall see! 

Pardon my dust. . .


Still moving things around a bit. . .spring cleaning and updating and renovating.  Open to suggestions!

In the mean time?  Some bon mots.

I believe in peanut butter and jelly, not peanut butter and white carpet.  I believe in great schools.  I believe in knowing your neighbors (and borrowing the occasional cup of sugar).  I believe in a kitchen worth dancing in and a closet worthy of your shoe collection.  I believe in a back yard for your kids (both the two and four legged varieties).  I believe a front porch can be better than television.  I believe in different and I definitely believe in funk!  I believe it’s all out there and I believe I can help you find it.