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To-do lists call even if you can’t walk or drive.


Baby Garrett and I are waiting out his arrival with a LOOOOONG to-do list and some tunes.  I’m fascinated to see what he likes when he’s finally out and about with us in the world but one of today’s favorites that has him literally grooving in the womb is :

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Hopefully, Mr. Man arrives asap, my docket for the next few months is full and it’s hard to dive in when you have someone literally standing on some nerves and you can’t walk, just saying.  Childbirth sounds scary but 9/10 months has a way of wearing you down and ready to welcome the new adventure.  Maybe tonight?

Should be an interesting week!


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So far, the wunderkind is wonderful at following directions.  I asked despite early signals he might arrive before his due date that he wait until he was fully developed, he did.  I asked that he think about reserving his own special birthday with both his father’s and mine at the second half of last month, he did.  I pointed out a birthday on the 13th might be not-so-great-mojo, so far, so good.

The house is as clean as an overdue woman can make happen, and have reached the uncomfortable point when even work emails and lead follow up is out of the scope of my attention span.  Looking forward, as baby G’s Realtor for life, to him moving out of his current studio digs and into something with some more room and though I have loved the creation of growth of this fantastic life, I’m looking forward to no longer being a duplex.  😉

Life lesson of the day, know your limitations!


I’d post photos, but they’re horrid and I got my giggles out sharing them with a handful of folks already.  Safe to say, trying to shave your legs the week of your due date and hoping to maintain some semblance of dignity and attractiveness does not compute.  I gave up toenail painting months ago and bought (gasp) some terrible sneakers that had zippers since shoelace tying is impossible . . .found a great pedicurist who gives a killer calf massage (which, let’s face it, is the main reason a decent pedicure is soooo addictive).  WHY would I expect leg shaving to continue to be easy. . .arugh.  Basically, I think I just sent out a bat signal to Dracula and I’m waiting to run out to put signs and lockboxes on homes as I’m still using a hand towel (hand.towel. not a tissue) to get things under control.

So, I’m slow at times and apparently need to have some things hammered into my noggin.  Knowing my own limitations or at least conditional/short term limitations.

I booked myself a business meeting in Wilmington tomorrow (about an hour each way, on the long side with traffic, door to door).  I’m hoping that’s not beyond my scope for the time being.  ALC meeting Wednesday at the office as well. . .I’m shooting for full brain power, arriving early and wearing something that looks remotely business appropriate and flattering.  We shall see!

Woking on baby-proofing my business, as a pal of mine in D.C. likes to call the situation.  Have any pointers?  I’m VERY lucky on one hand to have a career that doesn’t have a traditional time clock and “office,” however, it means it never sleeps. . .couple that with a newborn who’s trying to find their own sleep schedule and I anticipate things will get a little entertaining!

Sometimes, half the battle is just showing up.



Sometimes just saying yes and showing up is what it’s all about.

I have reached the fun, “CHECK PLEASE!” point of pregnancy.  I’m ready to be done.  I have a tiny reprieve from nausea which has been replaced by what I’m gently referring to as “pregnancy narcolepsy.”  I feel asleep the other day for three hours with my laptop firmly in my lap, and hadn’t planned on a nap.

I’m working on trying to say YES to as much as possible, which, yesterday included a fun formal/ball gown give away event in down town Jacksonville, NC at the USO.   I think I get extra points for sporting yoga pants, flip flops and a t-shirt in a room full of beauty queens and sequins!  Talk about a technique to light a fire!  Everyone keeps joking about lack of sleep once Baby G arrives, but I’m ready for less bathroom breaks at three am, no upset tummy or splitting headaches not to mention, it’s easy to be happy about waking up in the middle of the night when there’s a cute fella involved! 😉

http://www.jdnews.com/news/local/hundreds-swarm-designer-dress-giveaway-1.210582?tc=cr  a link to the Jacksonville Daily News article

I hope this event makes its way through the bases again next year. It was a blast to see so many ladies finding a FREE dress of their dreams!  Stay posted and if/when I hear more, I’ll certainly update the post so folks know all the details!

Hope you have a great ball/formal season!  I’ll be doing lunges and squats forever not to mention MANY miles with the stroller and wee man!

Jacksonville’s Board of Realtor’s election night-more photos to follow?



The last few months I have felt like I have been riding the bench professionally during a great game.  I managed to pull it together for last night’s festivities which, despite the contractions and sore feet and being overheated, made me feel a little more myself for a night which was a nice change of pace.  Everyone is joking that “once the baby arrives, you’ll be exhausted and it will slow you down”- they’ve obviously not experienced a difficult pregnancy.

Looking forward to launching some new projects and ideas and having my new right-hand-man by my side.  Subletting my body for the last year has given me time to fill MANY notebooks. . .big plans and goals for the future!

Today is also my birthday.  I had a talk with baby Garrett- included the philosophy my folks instilled that early is on time, on time is late and late is unforgivable.  I buffered the delivery and birthday conversation with the pointer that with both his father and my birthdays close to the due date, it would be lovely if everyone kept separate special days.  Last week we made it through a harvest moon, a packed labor and delivery department at the hospital and his father’s birthday.  This week I cleared my docket and rearranged a few big plans in anticipation since we are making very slow and steady delivery process.  The average first birth is fifteen hours, so reaching mid-day on my birthday I feel I’m safe to guess that we are in the clear but ANY TIME from here on out would be lovely.  Baby G, I’ll take a rain check for a day with no nausea, and getting to take a quick nap on my stomach as a present from you.  🙂

Hope you have big things brewing too!  Cheers to planning for an amazing sis-bang-boom to send out 2013 and to putting things in place and in motion for an even more amazing 2014!

Riverworks at Sturgeon City


I bumped into JP McCann the other night, actually Professional’s Night, and he handed me a fresh business card with the new River Works logo.  I’m not down there nearly enough but it’s possibly one of the neatest projects in Onslow County.  I WOULD tell you more but I’d rathe ryou either visit the site or visit in person!  There’s lots of new growth, homes and businesses sprouting up in our old down town, I’d love for you to see it!  In the meantime, visit:

Where nature is revived and leaders are revealed!

www.riverworksatsturgeoncity.org   to learn more and visit www.910homes.net to find out more about me, the real estate market and what’d new!  Have a great weekend!

Night down in Dixie!


Last night’s Second Annual Montessori Children’s School fundraiser seemed to be a big hit!  I’m not sure what the final numbers are (one of the few drawbacks of attending rather than planning these sorts of events) but there was a great crowd, yummy food and LOTS of bidding on the silent auction items as well as live auction items.  Thanks for a great night to those who had a hand in planning and putting on the event and thanks to everyone I met who was such fun that evening. . .though, next time I will rethink the 4 inch heels. . .concrete floor and lots of standing mixed with hauling art to the car. . .I attached photos of my wins!


www.910homes.net and realestatekenz @ twitter  . . .and mckenziesellshomes@gmail.com

2009 Montessori Fund Raiser!!!!!!!!!


Hi everyone,
It is that time of year again!  I am selling tickets to the second annual Montessori Children’s School “Night Down in Dixie”.  For those that attended last year, no explanation is necessary, was an unbelievably good time!!!  For the rest of you- there were will be free food from local restaurants, free beer, and free wine from Biltmore Estate Winery.  Music will be provided by the Dixieland Jazz Band.  The best part is the auction!!!  We have amazing donations from local and national vendors that will be available for you to bid on.
 Just a sampling:
-Home on Martha’s Vineyard for 1 week
-Carolina Panther’s football signed by the team.
-Orthodontic care for your child from start to finish
-Teeth Whitening
-Countless gift certificates from local salons
-Fishing charters
-Redskins and Panther’s tickets
-The list goes on and on!! 
We have something for all budgets and tastes and did I mention free beer and wine???  I hope to see you all there for this wonderful event that supports a local school!  We had over 600 people in attendance last year and raised over $40,000.00  Plus, I work my tush off on this event, so If you don’t buy tickets I’ll have to hunt you downJ  Here is the info, come see me!!!
Checks payable to Montessori Children’s School (is tax deductible)
Cost:  35.00 per ticket
Date of Event:  Saturday, March 7th
Time:  6pm
Swansboro Rotary Club and Civic Center.
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