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Jacksonville’s Board of Realtor’s election night-more photos to follow?



The last few months I have felt like I have been riding the bench professionally during a great game.  I managed to pull it together for last night’s festivities which, despite the contractions and sore feet and being overheated, made me feel a little more myself for a night which was a nice change of pace.  Everyone is joking that “once the baby arrives, you’ll be exhausted and it will slow you down”- they’ve obviously not experienced a difficult pregnancy.

Looking forward to launching some new projects and ideas and having my new right-hand-man by my side.  Subletting my body for the last year has given me time to fill MANY notebooks. . .big plans and goals for the future!

Today is also my birthday.  I had a talk with baby Garrett- included the philosophy my folks instilled that early is on time, on time is late and late is unforgivable.  I buffered the delivery and birthday conversation with the pointer that with both his father and my birthdays close to the due date, it would be lovely if everyone kept separate special days.  Last week we made it through a harvest moon, a packed labor and delivery department at the hospital and his father’s birthday.  This week I cleared my docket and rearranged a few big plans in anticipation since we are making very slow and steady delivery process.  The average first birth is fifteen hours, so reaching mid-day on my birthday I feel I’m safe to guess that we are in the clear but ANY TIME from here on out would be lovely.  Baby G, I’ll take a rain check for a day with no nausea, and getting to take a quick nap on my stomach as a present from you.  🙂

Hope you have big things brewing too!  Cheers to planning for an amazing sis-bang-boom to send out 2013 and to putting things in place and in motion for an even more amazing 2014!



Woohooo!!!  I know, not an EXCITING blog post, however, super duper important and on a morning like today with snow flurries, having nice things like heat can’t go underestimated!


(910) 347-9011
PO Box 96064
Charlotte NC 28296-6064 Deposit:$25.00

Progress Energy 1-800-452-2777 Deposit: Varies

Jones-Onslow EMC
259 Western Blvd
Jacksonville NC 28546
(910) 353-1940
Deposit: $200.00
Waiver possible NFCU, MFCU or Co-signer who has electricity here

Time Warner
265 Center Street Jacksonville NC 28546 (910) 353-3500

Schools and Colleges
Onslow Board of Education Georgetown Road Jacksonville NC 28540
Coastal Carolina Communitv College
Western Blvd. Jacksonville

CamD Leleune DeDendent Schooois Building #885

Base Education Office Building #202
Camp Lejeune NC 28542 (910)451-3091 or 3092

Citv of Jacksonville
City Hall
New Bridge Street
(Across from Post Office)
(910) 938-5248
Waiver possible letter of reference from previous water company.

Scientific Water and Sewer Corporation
112 Scientific Lane
Jacksonville NC 28540
(910) 455-3743
Deposit:$50.00 (varies)
Service: Lauradale, Cedar Creek, Raintree Deerfield and Summersill

Onslow Countv Public Utilities
232 Georgetown Road Jacksonville NC 28540
(910) 455-0722 Deposit:$75.00 (No waivers)

Law Enforcement:

NC Highwav Patrol (910)347-1751 or 911
Jacksonville Police Department (910) 455-4000 or 911
Onslow Countv Sheriff’s Department (910)455-3113 or 911


This will be a work in progress, as of 3/2/09 this info is correct but there will be updates as additional dish carriers and what not are added. . .this info was obtained from http://joyshomepage.com/index.shtml  a fellow agent at my office as well as whitepages.com and the good old yellow pages.

Check out my page at http://www.910homes.net and find me on twitter, facebook, myspace, activerain and more. . .I’m a fan of phone calls, emails, and texts from clients or potential clients.

910.554.0761 direct or McKenzieSellsHomes@gmail.com