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Sometimes, half the battle is just showing up.



Sometimes just saying yes and showing up is what it’s all about.

I have reached the fun, “CHECK PLEASE!” point of pregnancy.  I’m ready to be done.  I have a tiny reprieve from nausea which has been replaced by what I’m gently referring to as “pregnancy narcolepsy.”  I feel asleep the other day for three hours with my laptop firmly in my lap, and hadn’t planned on a nap.

I’m working on trying to say YES to as much as possible, which, yesterday included a fun formal/ball gown give away event in down town Jacksonville, NC at the USO.   I think I get extra points for sporting yoga pants, flip flops and a t-shirt in a room full of beauty queens and sequins!  Talk about a technique to light a fire!  Everyone keeps joking about lack of sleep once Baby G arrives, but I’m ready for less bathroom breaks at three am, no upset tummy or splitting headaches not to mention, it’s easy to be happy about waking up in the middle of the night when there’s a cute fella involved! 😉

http://www.jdnews.com/news/local/hundreds-swarm-designer-dress-giveaway-1.210582?tc=cr  a link to the Jacksonville Daily News article

I hope this event makes its way through the bases again next year. It was a blast to see so many ladies finding a FREE dress of their dreams!  Stay posted and if/when I hear more, I’ll certainly update the post so folks know all the details!

Hope you have a great ball/formal season!  I’ll be doing lunges and squats forever not to mention MANY miles with the stroller and wee man!

Had to share ;-)




Everyone needs a little inspiration every now and again.  I hope your Tuesday is going smashingly well and that you’re honing in on what makes you tick and your heart sing.    Have any great book or blog suggestions for inspiration?  I just completed a major book and electronic bookmark purge and looking for some new things to add to my “to-read” stack.  Have anything to share?  🙂

“Winning with WordPress”


Great article on the WordPress platform in this month’s issue of Realtor Magazine.  I’m still sensing lots of web confusion over push and pull data sites and fully integrating IDX resources.

A fantastic link sharing that there’s a reason not all of us are jumping on the data sharing/integration bandwagon just yet. . .in part because we just can’t, interfaces that can’t interface. . .boards that clamp down on information. . .and more.


DIY Network’s waterfront cabin renovation


Participate in the renovation of a neat waterfront home on www.Diynetwork.com   Vote on each step, down to the kitchen sink!

http://www.diynetwork.com/blog-cabin/index.html?xp=blog  This is the direct link to the “Blog-Cabin”

I have a blog crush


I tend to snoop around and poke through fellow real estate bloggers and have a new real estate blog crush, http://toddlongcentury21.wordpress.com/ . . . inspiring me to take it to another level!  I have more work to do, rolling up the sleeves and getting down to business!

As usual, if you have questions about the status of the market and what it means for you, give me a call, email or text.  910.554.0761 and mckenziesellshomes@gmail.com and check back often for more information!