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By letting me help you, you help me win an iPad–



Hi guys! We are having a referral contest at work to win an iPad, I NEED YOUR HELP! I want an iPad something fierce! What’s a referral you ask? If you know of anyone who plans to move anywhere in the world (yes, literally the world, not just the Jacksonville, NC area-which, of course send them my way too!) and would love a friendly, talented, experienced person with a track record to assist them rather than throw a dart at or the yellow pages and hope to get lucky. . .I can do that, at no cost to you or your pal. HEEELLLPPP!!! Pour through those friends lists! 🙂 WHEN I win, I’ll of course let you come visit and play with the iPad!

Know someone that wants to move, is thinking about moving. . .might be renting or buying or selling a home?  I don’t care where you live or if a tornado hit your home (we’ve been helping our local victims as well). . .I’d love to help!  I’ll match folks up with the most professional an dhard working follks I can find!

McKenzie Johnson Laurence

Broker Associate, REALTOR

Century 21 Champion Real Estate

(910)554.0761 Direct

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If you would like to be removed from future emails, reply with “remove” as


Please review this document to understand how real estate agents work in North Carolina:

The Cottages at Holly Ridge


I had to let you know about a beautiful new construction community in the Holly Ridge area, a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach.  The Cottages at Holly Ridge hosted a lovely open house for us agents to preview their beautiful new homes built in sort of a crafstman-like manner.  Attention to detail, fine appointments, great paint colors and cool floor plans await in this planned and peacefull community.  Contact me today for additional information, priced, floor plans and to set up a preview for yourself, though, sadly I am sure the caterers will not be there:

Check out the amazing folks at:

Justbaked Bakery

205 South Topsail Drive

Surf City, NC 28445


193 Winter Road and Carolina Fitness Boot Camp


Call me to tour this wonderful three bedroom, two bath, one car grage home with pergo floors in all common areas and a fabulous tiered back yard with lush mature landscaping and hardwood trees! Hitting this market this week at 149,900 with updated pain colors, window covering and more. This may not be a NEW home but it has a mordern floor plan and a great fenced-in yard. Located near Half-Moon off the Summersill light, turn right on Autumn and left on Winter, home is on your right near end of the cul-de-sac. Very close to Summersill Elem.

This lovely home is owned by none other than Jesse James Smith, who runs Carolina Fitness Boot Camp. Group sessions available, great rates and unmatched enthusiasm!

Visit Carolina Fitness Boot Camp at

Bear Trail at Southwest Plantation


So, the word is officially out.  Art and my team secured the new homes in Southwest Plantation . . .Bear Trail. 

Located outside city limits of Jacksonville, off of Dawson Cabin Road.

Homesites priced from the low 50’s, beautiful homes priced from the mid 200’s.

I’ll have more information on my website soon, but, until then, take a moment to visit: to learn more about the course, tee times, and more.

For the best directions, use the address: 444 Harris Creek Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540

More info and more photos to follow. . .very exciting project to be involved with, I am looking forward to it!

Bear Trail GBear Trail Golf
at Southwest Plantation
444 Harris Creek Rd
Jacksonville, NC 28540
at Southwest Plantation
444 Harris Creek Rd
Jacksonville, NC 28540

Yes, my last name is changing.


Hiya folks.

I have been asked enough recently that I thought it worthy a post on the old blog, which, apologies for not devoting time to it in the past few months, ’tis the busy season and my schedule has been swamped.

Long story short, I was married, to a Marine, and, in another life I was a Marine’s daughter (apparently I was a sikorsky groupie in a former life). . .dear old dad is retired and, unfortuantely the marriage didn’t work out.

This summer, once I can catch my breath and find some spare daylight I will be working on the fun process so many ladies love. . .legally changing your name.  I’ll be reverting to my maiden name, Johnson, from Laurence, this summer. . .so. . .thankfully the first name, McKenzie, is a snap to remember–there’s only one of me in the real estate market here in the area.

So, what does this mean to you?  No much, other than I am about to have some snazzy new business cards to hand out soon.  I should have done this a year or two ago, but, in the marketing world, you hate to make changes like this. . .but, it’s the nature of the beast I suppose.  I don’t plan to do this again, the divorce thing, the marriage thing was pretty great for the most part. . .but divorce, I think I’d rather have my wisdom teeth pulled, and a root canal, and be covered with live angry bees first. . .

Long and short, soon I’ll be McKenzie Johnson (again) but it will still be good old hardworking me.

Visit and to learn more about me, the Onslow County area and see lots of great homes.  I have bunches of nifty links there as well for schools, bases, local areas of interest and more.

As if you needed more great reasons to live in this state…


According to an article today on Yahoo news, Raleigh and Charlotte are two of the top ten places to live in the US that are CONSIDERED TO BE RECESSION PROOF!!!

Check out the article, and, as always, if you are looking to BUY, SELL or RENT real estate, I would love the opportunity to earn your business!  Give me a call at 910.554.0761 or email me at so we can get the ball rolling.  Visit my websites: and for more information about the Onslow County area.

Jacksonville Real Estate



Howdy everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by. I have had a great response to this blog, you all seem to enjoy the articles, and I think it’s a neat way to get to know one another a little before we’re locked in a car together all day looking for homes or working together to sell your home.

I attended the JBOR meeting last night, and was awarded, along with my team, the Art Furtney team, the “Gold Team Award” in recognition of selling more than 135 “sides” in the last year. A “side” is assisting with the buyer or seller half of a real estate transaction. It was a busy year last year and I have high hopes of helping even more good eggs find their way home this year. Last night was a great opportunity to bump into old buddies that with the slightly slower winter season I don’t have the opportunity to visit with them as much as I would like. I have invited several folks to be guest bloggers on this site, so check back; as I get articles and updates on their various industries I’ll be posting them here. . .you’ll be able to learn more about the mortgage industry, home repair, septic inspection and maintenance and more.

I hope you’re enjoying stopping by, I’m enjoying meeting more and more of you!

Working with real estate agents



I work at Century 21 Champion Real Estate in Jacksonville, NC. . .and I am a licensed real estate broker and a REALTOR. . .and I want to talk a little about agency.  In the State of NC, when you approach an agent and begin to “talk shop”. . .once the conversation turns from basic chit chat perhaps about the property and the market in general to your specific needs, financial status, etc. . . .sort of like Miranda Rights, you have the right to remain silent.  Until you sign a buyer’s agency or seller’s agency with that agent, they are required to share that information with their clients if it is advantageous to them.  “I just won the lottery, love the home you are marketing on Main Street and plan to offer a lot less than the list price.”  Well, if you aren’t in a contract relationship with me, I have to tell my sellers that information, which, would be less than advantageous to you.  There are Seller’s Agents, Seller’s Sub Agents, Buyer’s Agents and Dual Agents. . .different hats of disclosure and responsibility that the very same agent can wear.

If you are interested in a copy of Working With Real Estate Agents, I would be more than happy to email a copy to you as it is too long to post here in a Blog format.  Know that regardless of what agent you speak to or in which town in the state of North Carolina, you are to be presented this at “first substantial contact”. . .which might not be the very first conversation, but once the topic shifts to your personal needs, financial information. . .or, techinically, if you are active duty and in uniform, as a Marine Brat, I know how much you make just by looking at your rank insignia.  Knowledge is power and in a real estate transaction, I want you to feel you have the best advantage and best representation possible, even if it isn’t with me. . .and the only silly questions in real estate are the ones you don’t ask.  So, ask away!

Learn a little more at