Monthly Archives: February 2013

Ever wonder what the grass is like?


Even wonder what the grass is like?

Some say the grass is greener where there’s more cow pies, and some folks in the industry say Keller Williams folks “drink koolaide”. . .well, koolaide is apparentyl great fuel to write the books the industry leaders read even regardless of their corporate affiliation. Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Shift, and now The One Thing. Check out the books and our check out our people if you’re weighing your career growth options.

Well connected but not always well-heeled.


Well connected but not always well-heeled.

It’s 70 degrees in Eastern NC today and it’s POURING. Had this sunny news in my inbox which made some of the two am connection emails that lit up my phone that much more worth it! Sporting flip flops in February for my monster Monday to-do list. Back in the swing of working seven days a week again! πŸ™‚

I’m naming my to-do list “the Gorilla”


We’re working on some new tools to help make your home search go that much more smoothly. We have a great smart phone app avail at if you open it from your smart phone browser as well as some neighborhood tours on my YouTube channel: also take some time to visit and or, if you’re hooked like I am, check out my Pinterest page