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Yeah, an ugly post on housing…that’s remarkably, upbeat.


If you want to nerd it out on the numbers doing a pro and con list on loan options, refi, credit cards etc. . .by far the coolest site, no, I’m not connected with them in any way:

Annual Montessori Children’s School Fundraiser


  From my palio who coordinates this event every year: ”

Hi all!
Just a reminder:  The Montessori Children’s School Auction(aka my second child) is this Saturday, March 5th from 6 until… at the Rotary in Swansboro.  Tickets are $40 for 1, $75 for 2 and you get a ton for the money!  Food from amazing Jacksonville, Swansboro, Emerald Isle and Morehead City restaurants, wine from the Biltmore Estate, and Beer!  The Notorious Clamslammers are our entertainment and there will be tons of wonderful items up for auction.  I have attached my most recent spreadsheet if you would like to check it out.  Please email me or come visit for tickets or questions!  Thank you!

P.S. If you or a client still has an item that they wish to donate for auction, please come see me asap.  I am trying to finalize the list, but always open to donations:)  It is a great way to promote a business or a personal hobby!”

Swansboro, this Saturday evening, Clam Slammers (the beach/shag band) will be playing, heavy pupus, drinks, and lots of fun folks. . .and by the end of the night, at least a few folks end up shagging on the auction floor.  I’ve been every year, and each year it’s bigger and better and more packed!  I may not have kiddos/wee party goers myself, however, I love the philosophy, the program and the instructors not to mention more than a few of the families involved. 

Let me know if you’re interested in tickets and I’ll pass along the contact information.

*** Full disclosure, my firm is a corporate sponsor. . .

You know you’re working the right gig when. . .


     One of the most fantastic things about my job is matching someone up with a home, somtimes that means a new home.  New Homes, like new cars, come with an especially nice scent.  Even nicer are the daydreams of large walk-in closets, extra pantry storage and floor to ceiling cabinets. . .and how everything in your old place looks to have a special and completely organized new location once you move in and unpack.  I fantasize about organization because up until fairly recently I held on to everything.  Everything?  Yes, until recently, I had four sets of dishes (for men that just groaned, one is the “good china” which I actually use quite often on friends and family, the second fiestaware that was my grandparents-and yes, real men can eat off petal pink vintage plates and like it…and two “every day” sets, one of which was just gifted to a pal) and mid marathon training and weight loss, way too many sizes of clothes (I just parted with a Jcrew sweater from 1997. . .I’m “leaning into the discomfort” of the project and massively “editing”).

 What I am hanging on to are fun gems like these, magazine clippings and photos of things I love.  I was organizing the pile of articles, pictures and biographies and came across this, which makes me laugh and goes to show even early on we know what we’re going to be when we “grow up.”  This home is located not far off the Pali highway on Oahu, just on the edge of Manoa where my school Mid Pacific Institute was located.  I was lucky enough to pass this home as well as several amazing structures with killer views of the leeward side of the island.  I imagined nothing cooler than waking up and looking out the left side of the house, sipping coffee and literally staring at Diamond Head.  Years later (but several years ago) I came across this ad in Town and Country magazine and had to clip it out and it’s been in my overstuffed notes journal almost since then.    “Your story book dream house awaits you high above it all in Hawaii.  Located ten minutes from white sand beaches, Diamond Head, restaurants, rain forests and shopping, this historic five bedroom, four bath, 5,700 square foot home was fully refurbished in 2003 and offers incredible 180 degree views.  Offered at 1,900,000.”  I made a color copy, it’s on the vision board now.

   Maybe it was the lack of cable, but we happened to be a pretty PBS friendly house as a kid growning up.  Instead of tons of cartoons, I was raised on Bob Underhill’s “Woodwright Shop” and “This Old House” and “MYSTERY” with the fantastic intro drawn by Edward Gorey (not so topical, but still fascinating).  I was in love with my Fisher Price yellow, two story colonial with a working (!) kitchen pendant lamp.  The house was freqently moving around my room (location, location, location) and it’s furnishings being arranged (I’m still not a fan of plastic bath tubs, if only Waterworks existed then).

 I hope you find fun reminders of why you are where you are.  Clippings like this do that for me as well as where I want to be. . .I debate about going back to school to study architecture but in these days of books of plans at the local Barnes and Noble for ten bucks and autocad, it seems like less of a craft.  Besides, I think I’m more of a house groupie or match maker.  The older, or more unusual. . .even better.  I dream of tiles and vistas and kitchen islands. . .I know, not very exciting but it’s nice to have a one track mind when you love what you do.

Running with ducks.


    It’s been a full few days since the last post.  In the next few days a project I threw myself under the bus to help undertake will be finished, I’ll be sharing the embarassment here, keep your eyes peeled. 

  This Saturday, managed my first hour run. . .and I have to admit, twist my arm, that, frankly I can think of no less than a hundred things I would rather be doing that running for an hour and, interestingly, during an hour run, I came up with quite the list.  Why the heck am I doing an marathon anyhow?!  Why did Sir Edmund Hillary climb Everest?  “Becasue it is there.”  It’s been on my bucket list forever and it’s an excuse to try a new town on for size, I’m entertaining moving in the not-to-distant future. . .sort of like the movie/story “Away we go” only no baby on the way and no partner. . .but visiting friends and family on a very short list of possible move locations.  I woke up a few months ago and realized, having grown up a USMC brat, having been also briefly married to a Marine. . .my passion, my work, was best served by staying in a military community as the economy grinded to a halt.  Things are picking up, which makes moving an exciting option.  Blame it on the constant moves but being in one place for ten years has me itching to box things up. . .but, I’m sure it will be a year or two before that happens.  Working on license coordination and all that fun stuff with the state that’s number one on the list and looks to be the final pick.  The rest, training, and selling lots of homes between now and then!

Wondering if tacking on one more project right now would be too much as I roll into the busier pcs/move season for our area.  Any thoughts on running/collecting donations for a charity?  I’m debating on contacting and looking into it, also torn that it may be perceived as a tad self-serving, but then, why not run for a cause that I firmly believe in?  Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, a hint. . .on the night stand recently for reading: The Cure: How a father raised $100 million….by Wall Street Journal Reporter Geeta Anand.  I’m a fan of moss on rocks.

TTFN~  If you know anyone looking to buy or sell or simply with questions, the busy season has officially kicked off this week, several days in a row I had three appointments. . .and got bit by a lock box or two.  Hope all is well with you and yours!

**(Why the duck photo?  They’re mean, and when I tried to sneak a short cut into the run and find a wind break, these suckers came out of nowhere begging for bread, which, ahem, as blog resident celiac, no dice.  Thought they were sort of cute as I ran past, paused for a second and turned around to snap a pic only to realize they had given chase and, apparently, hungry ducks cover ground very quickly. . .lesson learned.  Also, ducks are larger than they appear in an iphone photo.)

I may not wear my heart on my sleeve, but does my key chain count?


   2011 is off with a bang!  My fantastic first niece arrived yesterday afternoon.  An uneventful delivery (always a very good thing) and a cheerful and beautiful and close to nine pounds and just over twenty inches long.  My heart is singing. 

 Wish I could share photos but out of respect for my bro and his philosophy on creepers out there, no bambino shots to post on the interwebs. 

Working on the rocking professional and personal goals for the year, listed a fantastic home today and working on another tomorrow and wrote a contract for a buyer pal of mine (the madame that keeps my hair in line, been au natural and/or low lights for the last two years, they made me look smarter, right?  Going back to the blonde roots from here on out.), on a very funky-cool hundred year old home so fingers crossed everything comes together and falls into place as planned, finding a house you dig isn’t too far off from finding a great relationship, my favorite part of my gig is seeing someone’s face light up when they meet “THE house”.

Signed up for my first marathon, on the opposite coast, location to be mentioned closer, I don’t want anyone to nab a tv out of the house or, heaven forbid, Libby the wonder pooch while I am out of town.  Basically, the goal is to say “This is really going to suck.” only once at the start of the race, and finish, with a photo of me smiling on the finish line. The pal I’m visiting, after her deployment to Afghanistan, hasn’t decided if she’s running with me, I offered she could be on water/banana/gu duty which she said after being in a war zone would probably be the most attractive option.

 I have been browsing for fun things to keep me motivated.  Somehow, the idea of wearing a skirt for a marathon makes me giggle, and, where I’ll be for the race, even early fall can be a tad chilly so that makes for one more layer that I’m not carrying or peeling off during a race so I think that will make me happy.  And apparently arts and crafts time will be involved, everyone I know who’s put themselves through this says a t-shirt with your name on it is imperative so folks in the crowd can cheer you on, not sure I’m looking forward to that kind of accountability, especially if around mile 20 or so I run off with some kids scooter to finish the race. 

First week I complete a fifteen mile run, I think the reward will be jumping out of a plane.  It’s on the bucket list.  I don’t think I am going to enjoy it, but I tend to be “the other half” that “doesn’t jump”. . .if you care to join, hit me up.  I would love the company or for someone to drive me there like a dog to the vet, door locked and promises of treats.

Sitting in my office working on my last real estate transaction that’s “in the hopper” with me signing with a power of attorney for my clients, who are both deployed. . .significance?  It’s the last time my “old” last name will appear on a major document, afterwards I’ll be able to trott down to the courthouse and get busy slapping JOHNSON on everything official-like including a bright and sparkly new passport.

Open to fantastic new suggestions on adventures to try and or marathon ipod playlist suggestions.  🙂

Visit or shoot me a note @ with real estate questions or just to say hallooo, and to mention yet again, yes, I am a licensed REALTOR in the state of NC.

WHOLEHEARTED is more than an Extreme song from the 90’s



“There’s a hole in my hear that can only be filled by you…”  And maybe that hole in your heart that needs to be filled is it’s own host?

If you have followed my posts at all or twitter, you know I love me some  Late night earlier this week, couldn’t sleep literally too full mulling over work and presonal goals for the year and sitting up by candle light with my trusty Moleskine journal and a blue ink pen scribbling away when I remember my handy dandy Ted app on my phone and snuggled up and browsed through new posts.  I discovered Brene Brown.  Please check out the link to her Ted speech/performance/presentation on the plate-spinning that goes on in our hearts and our minds and the battle that goes on at times between the two.  

In business, vulnerability isn’t welcomed, particularly in my line of work, which has been a comfort.  Hiding out and behind work is nothing new for gals of my generation.  It’s been my project this year to , well, frankly, make myself a project.  I also believe that things have a way of finding their way into your life just when you’re finally ready to hear them.  Enjoy, she’s amazing.