Monthly Archives: December 2008


I had to share the latest funny site I stumbled across while web surfing in the office, my favorite thing to do while on hold!  🙂

You have to check out FUNNY shirts and one of the more brilliantly designed websites I have seen in a while, reminds me a little of the intro to a Monty Python movie or something. . .

Happy shopping, browsing and laughing!

The Holy Church of Bacon, seriously


You HAVE to visit this site, I was laughing so hard I cried. . .I happen to ❤ bacon. . .and every now and then stumble across a great site. . .

Visit:    As discovered on’s site this morning, it’s the Holy Church of Bacon. . .I haven’t been this happy since I saw the bacon bra!!!  I swear that’s out there too and perhaps after my next meeting, I’ll do some digging to find that too. . .trust me, it will turn that Tuesday frown upsideown!!!