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To anyone who checks in frequently, I’m so rry for not keeping this fresh and updated.  It’s the busy PCS season and many weekends I find myself double booked and multitasking and the week days spent herding new business, and paperwork. . .not to mention trying (like so many of us) to whip myself back into shape for the summer season. . .for several reasons like being able to handle the pace of my schedule but also thanks to a few events with family and friends this summer and my first trip abroad. . .lots of photos and “blasts from the past” and my past used to include 3-4 hours of ballet and dance a day. . .not hours in the car or in front of the computer. . .but if you’re sitting there reading this, wondering about your home or investment and what it’s worth in today’s Onslow County area real estate market, have some general real estate questions or are looking for the right home or investment opportunity, please shoot me an email, that I do check (too frequently) and will get back to you within 24 hours.  I know a handful of faithful and helpful lenders, home repair folks and inspectors. . .if you have questions or need some help I know a few names I can pass along.

In the meantime, check out and preview my and other area agents homes, see if there’s something that might trip your trigger. . .or email me directly a@ . . .and catch my tweets at realestatekenz

Helping every good egg find their way home!


Hi and thank you for stopping by!  I haven’t been blogging as much as usual lately, been busy helping folks buy and sell their homes and coordiating transactions.  Please visit to see some awesome listings, learn more about me and maybe find the home of your dreams!  I’m also on twitter as RealEstateKenz and facebook and myspace. . .