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Jacksonville’s Board of Realtor’s election night-more photos to follow?



The last few months I have felt like I have been riding the bench professionally during a great game.  I managed to pull it together for last night’s festivities which, despite the contractions and sore feet and being overheated, made me feel a little more myself for a night which was a nice change of pace.  Everyone is joking that “once the baby arrives, you’ll be exhausted and it will slow you down”- they’ve obviously not experienced a difficult pregnancy.

Looking forward to launching some new projects and ideas and having my new right-hand-man by my side.  Subletting my body for the last year has given me time to fill MANY notebooks. . .big plans and goals for the future!

Today is also my birthday.  I had a talk with baby Garrett- included the philosophy my folks instilled that early is on time, on time is late and late is unforgivable.  I buffered the delivery and birthday conversation with the pointer that with both his father and my birthdays close to the due date, it would be lovely if everyone kept separate special days.  Last week we made it through a harvest moon, a packed labor and delivery department at the hospital and his father’s birthday.  This week I cleared my docket and rearranged a few big plans in anticipation since we are making very slow and steady delivery process.  The average first birth is fifteen hours, so reaching mid-day on my birthday I feel I’m safe to guess that we are in the clear but ANY TIME from here on out would be lovely.  Baby G, I’ll take a rain check for a day with no nausea, and getting to take a quick nap on my stomach as a present from you.  🙂

Hope you have big things brewing too!  Cheers to planning for an amazing sis-bang-boom to send out 2013 and to putting things in place and in motion for an even more amazing 2014!

“What the HECK is she doing?!”


BTW, I am no wizard, ninja or magical fairy when it comes to this. . .

If there are technical suggestions you’d like to offer or topics you’d really love to see covered, please give me a shout out.  I’m great with constructive criticism- not as in, I can make a fort out of them, but you catch my drift.

I know what I’m pretty great at, a short list, but: real estate, making babies stop crying, pot roast, hosting company, decorating a Christmas tree, ratatouille, responding to texts quickly and almost as quick with calls, being an Aunt and adoped Aunt to many, a decent shot, and hitting 250 posts (merci, c’est ici!).

If you have pointers or want to link up on linked in, facebook, pinterest and zeee twitter, give me a holler or track me down.  In the mean time, shake a leg and have an awesome Tuesday afternoon!

Charity Open House Huge Success!


Thanks to all who stopped by 3234 Planters Lane in Jacksonville, NC today for a fantastic lunch catered by Lisa Davila.  Dyal Photography was there to snap pics of local Realtors with Santa.  The American Cancer Society and it’s major annual fundrasier, Relay for Life (http://www.relayforlife.org/), is a cause near and dear to our hearts.  Jacksonville Board of Realtors man of the hour, Mike FX Burke was gracious enough to reprise his role for us as jolly St. Nick.  Great food, great pictures, and a LARGE home full of great company (six bedrooms, four and a half baths, three car garage, elevator, fireplaces galore, sweeping staircase and more! http://vu.realbiz360.com/Listing-241196.html)!  Thank you everyone who made this an amazing event!

Fantastic food: Lisa Davila 910.467.4360 lisa@Bdazle.com (and great promo products @ http://bdazle.com/)

Fantastic photographers: http://2chicksandacamera.com/ Dyal Photography

Ghost writer?


Gone are the days when I got paid to write so this and other outlets don’t get the attention they deserve.  Some updates and changes have happened on www.910homes.net including some new listings. . .check them out. . .I highly suggest driving by my listings on Pine Valley Road, Aspen Lane, Bannermanmill, and a new one about to hit the market behind the 4cs (Coastal Carolina Community College). . . a great brick ranch on a cul-de-sac.  I have been doing the twitter thing for brief updates and other than that seeing every square inch of the county as I show buyers around.  This past weekend I played host to two US Naval Academy families, carloads of mom and dads and grandparents helping their kids find the first home of their dreams, it was a fun weekend mostly spent in the beach area. . .’tis the season of the 7 day work weeks but thank goodness I love what I do.

PLEASE check out the following links regarding new construction, the real estate industry, the economy and even more exciting, Jacksonville’s position . . .click away!



Happy reading!!!!  Visit my facebook page for even more to read regarding the market and lots of photos of my listings!!!  Cheers to the holiday today, hope you and yours are well!

Helping every good egg find their way home!


Hi and thank you for stopping by!  I haven’t been blogging as much as usual lately, been busy helping folks buy and sell their homes and coordiating transactions.  Please visit www.910homes.net to see some awesome listings, learn more about me and maybe find the home of your dreams!  I’m also on twitter as RealEstateKenz and facebook and myspace. . .