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Making money from blogging, getting what I want and launching amazing things. And you?



Ding dang, Y’all!  I’m adding another iron or two to the fire, especially ambitious ones that makes me feel like I am about to earn my black belt in plate spinning at the circus.

What are they?  I’d love to tell you, but then you’d know.  But anyone with knowledge (or a friend or two) that builds sites and likes questions and is possibly interested in joining a team, let me know.  I’m interested in learning more about creating an open forum website with multiple communication platforms both for content and user log ins. . .the one thing I do know, I plan for it to be orange!  😉  I’ll be pouring through the trusty contact list to build possibly a board of directors or contributors, so if I give you a holler, I swear I’m not trying to sell you a home at the moment.

Wishing you and yours amazing new adventures this last quarter of the year!


   How to create a million dollar business in a weekend Hoe to get what you want without formal credentials 10 founders who’s start ups made it to 100 million before their exist/sale.

Section 8 homes


HI folks, if you have found my site looking for additional information for Section 8 program and housing options, you have come to the right place.

I have a list of area homes available for section eight housing as well as two programs that may actually make home ownership a possibility for you and still keep your payments and income within guidelines.

Give me a call at 910.554.0761 for more information or email me at

My tenant assistance and buyer’s agency is a free service I provide all my clients.  Finding the right home isn’t hard, sometimes finding a great agent is. . .I’m glad you’re here and look forward to helping you find your perfect home.

USMC Ball Gowns, Cake info and more!



Some great links: (last year’s birthday message)  (Cake Cutting Script) (Ceremony Format) (Wiki Birthday info) (Even more history) (video of cake ceremony)



HI guys,

A favor to ask for a dear childhood friend of mine.  Maria has been ill
since the summer after our graduation and has yet to recover.  Treatment has
included a four organ transplant and this year, she is up for yet another
transplant.  Once a bright, college-bound athlete and the picture of health
and by far our friend with the sunniest personality, she’s been a prisoner
to basically, a mystery illness.

She has made it to the finals for an HGTV makeover/renovation of her home,
which would be her sanctuary for recovery after her surgery.

Voting is easy, you don’t have to log in, simply visit the link on my
facebook or :
and vote for her.  I’d really appreciate it and she’s so independent, this
is as close as she has come to asking for help in over ten years.

Help me make her life a tiny bit easier, help her win her “happy bomb.”. .
.and I wouldn’t be bummed if you forwarded this to any of your HGTV junkie
friends.  🙂

Please and thank you in advance, every vote helps.


**** UPDATE-I have had folks ask HOW to vote.  Towards the top right there is a series of stars, when you pass your mouse over them, they turn red. . .click the far right star next to her “score” and it votes for you.  I believe you can only vote once but we are looking into the HGTV rules.  So, in case you can only vote once, spreading the word really helps since every vote for Maris is so precious.  Thanks for all your help!