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I try to pass along fun and interesting stuff when I find it. . .some fancy work and industry stuff and others, well, notsomuch.

If you have some spare time, check out . . .the web presence a little bit of a let down from the published mag but the info in every issue is interesting, spot-on and not in any other magazine . . .high lights from this month’s issue? “(Stay-at) Homeboys” All about the boundaries for your stay-at-home husband (I you know me I hope you are laughing here), “Something to prove” tell a gal she can’t and she’ll be heck bent to so you she can, “Mother’s Day Special: The Daughter Imprint” how our mother’s attitudes may have shaped our careers and goals. . ., well, I can’t explain it, much like but worth a stop by. . .ocaasionally I worry about the authors, then at times I find an article so darn funny, I worry about myself. . .a must read! . . .really a smile maker when the vending machine at the office is out of Diet Coke. . .the visual tasty treats never stop at one, much like a lay’s potato chip. . .sure, junk food reading, but every now and then, you just need to take a break! I really don’t care for cats personally, I am a dog person. . however, laughing till you cry at the office. . .completely worth staring at the furry things!

I was going to add funny photos but I have a day job. . .go look at the last website listed and tell me which one I should have posted to keep you entertained!

PSSST! It’s a Secret!…


What Is The Secret

I don’t stand on a soapbox very often. . .and very rarely offer personal advice, BUT…I do have to say this is a worthwhile read, down load, movie and/or book on tape. For those of you out there who aren’t big fans of “self-help”. . .I don’t really think this is, more exactly how to specifically set clear goals and have a positive mindset. . .so take a step back and consider it a how to manual on meditation, or prayer. . .and learn the law of attraction. . .