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Baby Garrett is a motivator in more ways than one.



I never thought I was a person who would get such pleasure from doing something someone had told me wasn’t possible, even if I wasn’t planning to do so.  I have made some personal and professional decisions over the years based on the supposition that children of my own were a very long shot, at least without serious medical intervention.

This handsome fellow, with his fist in the air says challenge your thoughts, challenge convention.  When life places a bend in your path or an “obstacle” you weren’t anticipating. . .take the dive.  I have to admit, previously I had been a “keep the status quo” kind of girl, anti-surprise party. . .and a planner ten steps in advance (as a very clumsy child who was placed in ballet as a toddler- plotting your next dozen steps keeps you from tripping and falling).  HE has been the most mind blowing and joyous surprise I could have NEVER anticipated.

Part of me would love to pack up Garrett for a visit to the Brody School of Medicine for a hello and visit to some nurses I got to know very well years ago, but I’m so pleased with the (not so, since I’m writing here) silent knowledge  that despite some crazy hurdles, insane odds, and what-are-the-chances timing. . .he’s almost here.

To date, Garrett is the best adventure I’ve taken.  I can’t wait to see what my cohort and I get into in this next very exciting chapter in my life.  So far, he’s been a most excellent and gallant escort while meeting clients and showing homes.  🙂

May you have many exciting new chapters in YOUR life and amazing adventures on your horizon.

Going to the mattresses.




Relax, it’s decaf.  Sometimes, when the going gets rough, or very bizarre, in your work or personal life- it’s time to sit down, have a lovely beverage in a quiet and civilized setting and get out a fresh notebook and make some awesome happen.  The to-do list is getting long and creative but that’s what it takes to dig yourself out of crazy town.  Thank you for the brain storm assistance today.

On the short list- I’m on the hunt for an intern.  You don’t need to be Eastern NC local, most of the help needed will be with web/tech design, publishing and more and can be done from your dorm room in your pjs a few hours a week and I write a glowing letter of recommendation, if I do say so myself.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

I’m naming my to-do list “the Gorilla”


We’re working on some new tools to help make your home search go that much more smoothly. We have a great smart phone app avail at http://www.JasonGruner.com if you open it from your smart phone browser as well as some neighborhood tours on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RealtorMcKenzie?feature=mhee also take some time to visit http://www.GrunerResidential.com and http://www.RiptideBuilders.com or, if you’re hooked like I am, check out my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/mckenzie27/

102 Aldersgate, Jacksonville,NC 28546 OPEN HOUSE THURSDAY


Please join me for lunch, catered by BREWED AWAKENINGS this THURSDAY, the 16th from 11:30-1:30 for a great open house in Aldersgate, located just off of Gum Branch Road (Gum Branch to Onsville to the Aldersgate entrance, home on your right).  Immaculate home with hardwood floors and a huge privacy fenced back yard surrounded by trees.  MLS number 118782 for more information but it’s completely worth stopping by for a few, taking a tour and having a little lunch break.  Hope to see you there!

Stair Master


I’m often asked by prospective and current clients about the success rate of open houses.  Do they work?  In my experience, yes and no. I have found that Agent/Broker Open houses have the best track record.  I can’t tell you the number of neighborhood open houses I have hosted over the years with ads in the paper, online, various social media outlets and signs everywhere to have only the next door neighbors show up to talk about the kitchen drapes.  Granted, it only takes that ONE buyer to get your home sold but low attendance isn’t going to get you there.  My goal is of course to keep my clients happy but happy means a sold home.  The more prospective buyers your home can be exposed to, the better.

A Broker open can do just that.  On average, a broker is communicating with five to eight buyers, we call it incubating, several times a week touching base on what the current market conditions are, what might be new on the market or what on their top ten list may have sold. . .and what new gems we may have previewed that week.  So, on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, a broker open with fifteen to twenty in attendance possibly means your home was exposed to 75-160 prospective buyers.

A caravan is a great and super fast way to preview homes, it’s sort of like speed dating.  My firm and a few other Century 21 offices in the area gather every Tuesday morning after our sales meetings to tour our new listings in a portion of the county.  There’s only so much time in a day, so, we limit the number of homes to about fourteen.  It’s a great way for new agents to learn the area and for every agent in attendance to have some great homes brought to their attention.

Both events of course get traffic through your home, but possibly even more important is the feedback the agents provide.  Is the home clean enough?  Are the paint colors too much?  Is the home over priced?  Are there any offensive odors?  Is the home too overstuffed for it to show well?  Are there better ways to arrange the furniture to show off the floor plan?

I’m hitting a few open houses again today.  Which inspires me to forward things on to specific clients as well as scrub my baseboards. . .nothing like touring several immaculate homes to make you want to race home and get some spring cleaning done around mi casa!

WHOLEHEARTED is more than an Extreme song from the 90’s



“There’s a hole in my hear that can only be filled by you…”  And maybe that hole in your heart that needs to be filled is it’s own host?

If you have followed my posts at all or twitter, you know I love me some TED.com.  Late night earlier this week, couldn’t sleep literally too full mulling over work and presonal goals for the year and sitting up by candle light with my trusty Moleskine journal and a blue ink pen scribbling away when I remember my handy dandy Ted app on my phone and snuggled up and browsed through new posts.  I discovered Brene Brown.  Please check out the link to her Ted speech/performance/presentation on the plate-spinning that goes on in our hearts and our minds and the battle that goes on at times between the two. 



In business, vulnerability isn’t welcomed, particularly in my line of work, which has been a comfort.  Hiding out and behind work is nothing new for gals of my generation.  It’s been my project this year to , well, frankly, make myself a project.  I also believe that things have a way of finding their way into your life just when you’re finally ready to hear them.  Enjoy, she’s amazing.