HMH 366 is standing back up!



SAAAWEEET hair back in the day for all in this photo except dear old pappy.

SAAAWEEET hair back in the day for all in this photo except dear old pappy.

This fall there will be an exciting “re-addition” to the Marine Corps Air Community this fall, standing back up is HMM 366, a CH 53 E squadron now, but I remember several years of my childhood spent as a family member of the squadron when it was part of the “Delta” community.  With all of the exciting growth and new opportunities in the military today, it’s fascinating to see the moving and re-organizing being done to various commands.  My dear old dad will be in town to help celebrate one of his favorite squadrons and I’m sure one or two old family friends will make the trip as well, this time rather than a home base of Hawaii and missions over the Pacific Ocean, the Sikorsky Super Stallions will have Jacksonville to call home and a view of the Atlantic.

PS-UPDATE (4/4/2008) Looks like due to hanger space, 366 will be part of MAG 29, but located for the first several years at Cherry Point then move back to MCAS New River. . .I’ll keep you posted on more updates as I know of them.

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  2. It’s amazing everything they are doing now-a-days. My husband just found out he is joining the HMH366…but they could not tell him if he was being stationed at Cherry Point or New River. Keep me posted on everything becuase it would be helpful since my husband is unable to keep me posted with him in MS and me in MD.

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