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SAIC, a growing presence in Stone Bay



It seems daily we hear locally of new jobs, new companies and corporations joining our great community.  SAIC (www.saic.com) , Barnes and Noble (www.barnesandnoble.com), Starbucks (www.starbucks.com), and Walmart (www.walmart.com) have increased their stakes in the Jacksonville and Surrounding Onslow County economy joining businesses already enjoying the troop increases like Target, Petsmart, Pier One, and more.

Jacksonville has come a long way baby, and is growing daily. . .the various planning departments of our community are working overtime to make room for the troops that have already begun to move into the area, an expected 9,900 in our area by 2011. . .not to mention the various civilian counterparts and support positions that will crop up along the way.  It’s an exciting time to call this area home. 

Thoughtful clients


fl594_1.jpgI had a client of mine from a while back email me, a great shopper who gives me a head’s up on cool gadgets and steers me towards great sales, she had a few suggestions for me to pass on to you.

There are now battery operated candles, small tealights that look great in a pretty holder and of course eliminate the concern of fires, she said she discovered them this past Halloween while carving pumpkins with the kiddos, much safer than candles. . .and apparently now at places like Target (http://www.target.com), there are scented varieties on the market.

Michaels (http://www.Michaels.com) is a great resource for cute home accessories as well as jar candles . . . with the bonus of using their once a week or so 40% off coupons, makes stocking up on things to make your house more “homey” a little more affordable.

I am a huge fan of Restoration Hardware, I worked there through college, I have a knack now for moving around furniture and “Staging” and their quality is great and the web site and catalog a source of inspiration for decorating. . .and their paint colors are amazing, which they sell in their stores (the closest to us is in Raleigh), visit http://www.restorationhardware.com and check out especially the “Silver Sage” color, a great neutral with a little more personality than a boring beige, and it changes color throughout the day as lighting changes in your home. . .but goes with almost any decor. . .help me if I walk into another orange kitchen because it was on Trading Spaces!  🙂  Think neutral and clean but don’t go “Vanilla” everywhere, have some quirk, but realize someone has to live with it at least for a little while too.  Pottery Barn is also great http://www.potterybarn.com for ideas.

Ballard designs also has tons of cute stuff and lots of ideas for decorating (noticing a theme here?  🙂 I think catalogs to cool stores are just as great as buying a home decor magazine to curl up with at night). . .if you like Target for home accessories and wall art, this place seems to get things two or three years before Target discovers it. . .a little pricier, but really nifty stuff with personality. http://www.ballarddesigns.com

I’ll stop while I’m ahead. . .you have enough to browse through for now, but as they say pictures are worth a thousand words. . .so I hope you find some inspiration.

I am sneaking out an hour early today since I am working all weekend again, I hope you take some time too to have a cup of hot tea or cocoa and maybe curl up with a sassy catalog.

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http://www.rensup.com (great hardware/antique/restoration resource)

Happy 2008!