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What to plant in Jacksonville, NC?


Hey All~

I have had lots of questions about what to plant, how to make your yard look great and what likes to grow in Jacksonville. . .so many options to suggest and there is only so much room in this venue not to mention what looks great in one yard might look plain silly in another.  I suggest you visit a local nursery or home improvement store OR a great website is www.MillerNurseries.com .

– Camellias-the are generally evergreen, have beautiful rose-like blooms in the winter and help give your garden structure, great foundation or accent planting (and happen to be just about my most favorite flower).

– Dogwood trees make excellent specimen trees in front of your home in a flower bed. 

– Forsythia. . .you can see it gleaming from yards all over Onslow County now, bright yellow blooms the length of its branches making it a neat boundary market or accent plant.

– Weeping Willow, very southern, very romantic and relatively fast grower.

– White Clump Birch, after established (about three years) amazingly beautiful bark, looks neat in winter time and a great accent tree for your front yard.

-Shademaster Locust, one of my personal faves. . .a fast growing hard wood tree that helps provide shade, something greatly appreciated during Southern Summers. . .shade from a tree can provide up to a fifteen degree difference!

There’s a start for you, remember what you thought your yard and neighborhood needed when you first bought your home.  Was it in a new construction area that perhaps used to be farm land so there are few trees and little yard privacy?  Is is an older, pre-loved home with over grown and outdated plantings?  Warm up those green thumbs and roll up your sleeves.  A nice yard is great for you to enjoy both looking at your home and looking out your windows and helps create some nice curb appeal for future buyers to appreciate.