Pretty Rad Open House that you should attend!



Hey there!  If you aren’t doing anything this weekend I am going to be hosting an open house in Northwoods, on 2457 Northwoods Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 from 1-4 pm on Sunday.  Lots of great photos of the house on my website so you should check it out.  It’s always nice to have an opportunity to try a home on for size. . .if you’re in the market for a new home, this might be the one for you. . .if not, we do have more to choose from.  I’ll also have a mortgage broker there to talk monthly payments, interest rates and various loan options. . .and I’ll have coffee!!!  I hope you can make it, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, I can’t wait to meet ya!

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  1. “. .and I’ll have coffee!!!”

    I just started drinking coffee about three days ago. Send me your ex’s number and we’ll both go – for the coffee of course!

  2. Ha, very funny! I will say, since I love my job so much that it would be nice for a guy to buy or sell a house through me than send me flowers. . .and discovered coffee only three days ago?! Growing up in Hawaii I discovered the magic of chocolate macadamia nut kona coffee and have been hooked ever since. . .it’s my “be nice” juice in the morning. As for the ex, I don’t think we’ll be enjoying coffee in the same room anytime soon. . .which is how I like it. 😀 As they say in the real estate industry, I am “BOM” (Back on the market).

  3. *giggles*

    I tried a McDonald’s mocha this afternoon. You should have seen me trying to order. I couldn’t even pronounce mocha correctly. I had to drive to the “pay” window and basically point on the menu what it was that I was trying to order.

    Last night I tried their new ice hazelnut coffee. I came home from baseball practice, went to McDonalds for some fast food, took a few sips of coffee and passed right out! (I thought coffee was supposed to keep you awake!)

    I basically started drinking coffee due to eating. Seems like late at night I end up getting a huge craving, so in order to keep the weight off, I figured if I started drinking coffee, I might could eliminate my late night cravings. It’s working, but it seems to leave a yucky after taste that my tooth brush can’t seem to eliminate in return!

    As for being BOM I heard you were overpriced! Perhaps a new CMA is needed!
    LMAO (just joking with you there).

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