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White Oak Bakery! My Pal is the new owner!


It’s so difficult to keep a great secret!  My pal Beth has been working for quite some time to make something come together and it’s finally official!

Beth is the new owner of White Oak Bakery!!!

Located on Piney Green in Jacksonville NC, directly across the road from White Oak High School, it’s a full service bakery and lunch spot not to mention amazing custom cake orders!!!

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cup-Or-Cakes She and her partner Casey have been on a roll with amazing custom cake creations as Cup or Cakes with a portfolio on Facebook.  Follow/friend them to check out everything from a Duck Dynasty themed birthday cake, a Guinness bottle cap, a uniform cover, tinkerbell and more!  I don’t think folks knew they could find talent like this in a smaller town like ours.  Check out their page or, better yet, visit!  Tons of cupcakes, pastries, and cakes by the slice or to take home (a delightful coconut number almost went home with me today!).

Great spot to dine in for a lunch or enjoy their new patio area and expanded parking.  🙂

Hope you enjoy and tell Beth and Casey I sent you!


You have, you have asked me. . .


Sorry, been a little awol lately, blame it on lots of work (which is a very good thing), getting that tv project off and running (which, maybe a few months down the road, right now, it’s one giant pile of “to-do”) and a kind of late breaking, too-good an offer to turn down that has me hunkered down turning my brain to pudding nightly which, hopefully will result in a handy dandy, dare I say almost amazing announcement in the near future, so keep posted.  In the meantime, share some fairy dust with me, massive piles of reading and to-do lists galore.

Howaboutwe.com is a handy dandy website with a great personality and I dug it until I got a scalding email from a friend today. . .calling me out as both a victim and a perpetrator.  Noted.  The link is being cranky but visit the site to read “The Five Signs You’re a Filler Girlfriend” . . .  (wish the good old ellipses had dramatic music here).  It’s a disease, apparently, and I have it.  I have filler boyfriends too which further complicates things.  Yes, I have been to countless Marine Corps Balls (I have a brigade of spare gowns, matching shoes, purses and wraps and my Ball Gown article on here, most hits of any of my blog posts), weddings. . .and even a holiday dinner with a guy friend who’s main squeeze at the time was too atrocious to meet the parents so I was drug in as a stand-in.

I have standing lunch, dinner, golf dates, movie nights, range afternoons (ok, admittedly, you do have way more fun toys) with fellas I guess I’d describe (and ditto in return) as a friend.  I’d say I was feeling used if I didn’t do it in return.  Work functions, occasional holiday party stand-ins, moving sofas, hanging curtains. . .you fellas are the greatest.  I love that you know how I like my steak, send food back that I am allergic to, remember my birthday, ask about my family. . .however. . .thinking it’s time that I throw myself to the wolves instead of using you or letting you use me as a security blanket.

I have a wedding in the near future.  As a guest.  You can exhale now.  I know my pals want me to be there to share their special day, but also know that for a golf resort wedding, I am being brought in as “fun single friend.”  Which means I’m not bringing another date who will attend to me all night, pose for silly pictures, humor me with a dance or two, pull out chairs, open doors and refill wine with out being asked.  Wouldn’t it be nice to share a fun, lavish weekend with a pal, yup, however, that doesn’t get you near a groomsman. . .or anyone else for that matter.

Apparently, the best part of being single is occasionally showing folks that you are, indeed, single.  So I’ll work on that.  Right after dinner tonight.

In the meantime, enjoy a treasure I found.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EOSDOA0tCs&feature=player_embedded#at=65   Yes, this is at the close of a blog post with a magic wand at the intro, please don’t color yourself surprised.

Grit, passion and generally kicking ass-I’m sure it’s on her resume.


In life it’s great when you can find an author who helps give you a swift kick in the butt when you’re needing inspiration, someone who can get those brain juices pumping like a lemonade dispenser at a chick-fil-a during the summertime.   Sally Hogshead is that for me.  How can you not appreciate a chick who’s website tag line is: ” A hogshead is a barrel that holds 62 gallons.  So what’s your name, smartass?”  Sure, you can toss me in a lbd and slap on some classic jewelry and make me stand around and drink tea and eat cucumber finger sandwiches but at heart, I’m still that girl who gets a good belly laugh out of the great things in life like dirty jokes, great stories, meeting new folks and laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Just picked up and blasted through her latest book, Fascinate http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Fascinate/Sally-Hogshead/e/9780062061713/?itm=3&USRI=sally+hogshead , which, as expected, rocked.  If you haven’t stumbled across her first book, Radical Careering, it’s a must read also, however out of print http://www.amazon.com/Radical-Careering-Truths-Jumpstart-Career/dp/B000F5FR1M/ref=pd_sim_b_4.

Anyhoo, enjoying a fired up author as I do and being a little too plugged in to sites like twitter and StumbleUpon, I found out she eloped recently which I think is so rocking and so her.  http://www.lovetifblog.com/?p=657  Kinda have to read to appreciate and no, it’s not some TLC wedding story mumbo jumbo, just kick-ass big love and them celebrating it together.  Oh, and a pink wig is involved.

SO, if you’re looking for a little self-inflicted ass kicking with a side of fire in your belly, she’s a great read, tons of personality and lots of great real world examples.  If you can’t smile while reading anything she does, you must have the personality of a spork, just sayin.’