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Sometimes a bhag (google it) falls in your lap, which gives you a taste to conquer more!



Okinawa bound? Your four-legged family members can make the move too!


“Good Day Everyone,

Attempting to keep everyone in the communication loop, I wanted to provide you with a quick update regarding bringing pets to Okinawa. In the past, we advocated against this since not all housing was considered pet friendly. Since that time, we got a new housing chief and as a result all military family housing is now pet friendly. Within the towers specifically, cats are allowed on all floors and dogs are limited to the first two floors.

Also, in the past, people left their pets behind per the suggestion only to be penalized once they arrived with being assigned a non-pet friendly house based on the fact they did not bring their pets. Again, this will not likely occur now since all military family housing is pet friendly. However, considering all of this, we are now not suggesting or advertising that people leave their pets behind. If people have more questions regarding this issue, please refer them to our housing office or to us for further clarification.

Also, please ensure members understand the pet importation process by referring them to this link: http://www.maff.go.jp/aqs/english/index.html.

I hope everyone is enjoying the busy relocation season! We are preparing for an incoming super typhoon, so pray that it doesn’t relocate us back to the states! LOL!!!

Respectfully Submitted,”

I didn’t want to include names but there’s a handy link above to grab additional information.  I’m not positive off-hand what the policy is for Hawaii but, of course, there’s still vet files, shots and quarantine to consider so dont’ forget to take that into account.

D.E.F.Y. Camp FREE for DOD Youth


Do you know a DoD youth between 9 and 12 years of age?
Want to add some fun to their summer?
Want them to meet new friends?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, this is the camp for your child!
D.E.F.Y. Camp Dates August 2-12
Drug Education for Youth (DEFY) is a self-esteem building program that provides kids with the tools they need to resist drugs, gangs, and alcohol. The camp is FREE, space is limited, so register your child today.

Applications are available online at www.hq.navy.mil/defy, or at the Health Promotion office, Bldg 302, between the hours of 0800-1630. For more information call 451-2865.



A local Marine wife has created a fantastic website and has a legion of followers.  www.Hip2Save.com

(In the spotlight of the local paper today, check out the link here http://www.jdnews.com/news/collin-92062-tlc-morgan.html . )

She’s bubbly, approachable, fun, can make it all make sense. . .and, possibly even more importantly, cool.  My mother has been a coupon nut for years.  There have  literally been calls from Walgreens to squeal about free mascara or a shopping bag of shampoo and conditioner that only set her back three dollars.  For her, it’s the thrill of the hunt and what Collin calls “coupon stacking.”

Depending on which study your favorite trusty search engine pulls up for you, the average “couponer” can save an average of twenty-five dollars a week, about a hundred a month. . .which, at year’s end of course adds up!  I think some of Collin’s tactics will have you even more back in black.  Give it a whirl, the worst you can do is save money in the process!  And yes, that’s an AC/DC reference in a coupon article, see, told you it’s getting cooler.


Pardon my dust. . .


Still moving things around a bit. . .spring cleaning and updating and renovating.  Open to suggestions!

In the mean time?  Some bon mots.

I believe in peanut butter and jelly, not peanut butter and white carpet.  I believe in great schools.  I believe in knowing your neighbors (and borrowing the occasional cup of sugar).  I believe in a kitchen worth dancing in and a closet worthy of your shoe collection.  I believe in a back yard for your kids (both the two and four legged varieties).  I believe a front porch can be better than television.  I believe in different and I definitely believe in funk!  I believe it’s all out there and I believe I can help you find it.