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Yet again number one. . .


Sooo, quickie update, yes, my firm was number one for all of last year for the whole of Onslow County and for the first quarter of this year as well and real estate is going just swimmingly here on Onslow County, which, generally, being known as “On-Slow” County is a feat in itself.

I was lucky enough to break away from work for the weekend to see two great pals get married up near Beaufort (NC) at a loverly new Golf Course community. . .which is looking a little slow to sell, lots of vacant home sites. . .sad that I can’t turn the work thing off at times. . . but looked like a pretty course so if you’re ever in Beaufort, I have a place to send you!  A group of gal pals and I are finally getting around to planning a group golf lesson or two. . .we have such crazy schedules I don’t know when it will happen, but we have more than one instructor who has been voluntold to be there. . .Hi Carl (in particular), sorry you told us what a great coach you were before you knew you were getting nominated!  I promise to not wear pink, Lisa on the other hand is on the look out for pink clubs. . .embrace it, it’s going to happen. . .I’ll bring a cooler . . . 🙂

Hope your summer is going well all. . .slather on the sun screen and if you’re enjoying a season of lowlights, a fabulous beach trick to try that will leave you looking like an extra from a Soul Glow Commercial but your hair in fabulous shape is to take an empty and clean spray bottle and dump in one third sunblock, one third hair conditioner and one third water, shake and spray all over your noggin. . . cheers to a season of not looking like a q-tip!

Ghost writer?


Gone are the days when I got paid to write so this and other outlets don’t get the attention they deserve.  Some updates and changes have happened on www.910homes.net including some new listings. . .check them out. . .I highly suggest driving by my listings on Pine Valley Road, Aspen Lane, Bannermanmill, and a new one about to hit the market behind the 4cs (Coastal Carolina Community College). . . a great brick ranch on a cul-de-sac.  I have been doing the twitter thing for brief updates and other than that seeing every square inch of the county as I show buyers around.  This past weekend I played host to two US Naval Academy families, carloads of mom and dads and grandparents helping their kids find the first home of their dreams, it was a fun weekend mostly spent in the beach area. . .’tis the season of the 7 day work weeks but thank goodness I love what I do.

PLEASE check out the following links regarding new construction, the real estate industry, the economy and even more exciting, Jacksonville’s position . . .click away!



Happy reading!!!!  Visit my facebook page for even more to read regarding the market and lots of photos of my listings!!!  Cheers to the holiday today, hope you and yours are well!