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A journey begins with a single step. . .and all those other fantastic quotes that belong on a Successories ( http://www.successories.com/?siteID=AIhZj_ZlUqE-.bNbMC.qGBn73UKrw2Y7qQ) poster or pencil cup.

Working on deepening those convolutions in my noggin and doing lots of prep tests (I need five more points before I’ve reached my own threshold of “preparedness”) and getting spam from future competition.  Today’s mission, see how many errors I could catch. . . .and whoa, Nellie, there were bunches.  Which makes me feel pretty dang awesome on so many levels, A. the info is actually sticking in my brain like a great shepherd’s pie does to your ribs on a snowy night, 2. having the info and knowing how to use it is a powerful thing but, sometimes, perhaps best saved for when you’re actually in the pool of competition because III. feeling pretty good that I’m prepared for this next chapter if the “experienced” other guys are making such bonehead errors, and, so frequently.  Thanks fellas.

Back to enjoying hail and thunderstorms outside and lots more review indoors.

ps-sorry for the lack of clip art, spare time lately has been filled with flash cards and what not.

pot o’ gold.



Libra (September 23 – October 22)

“Who cares what gets in your way now, you have the force to make anything happen, as your will to succeed will be indomitable! So, remember this as this week starts with some curve balls thrown your way, leaving you wondering what the point is. However, know if you work through it, the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow will be larger than you expect!”  Courtesy of TheFrisky.com . . .I don’t check the horoscope section freqently but enjoy them when they point to awesome things.  Leaving the last day of a late night class at the office, managed not one but two flat tires on the way home.  Ominous.  So, for some folks, God whispers. . .me, he hollers and claps his hands in my face to get my attention.  What does two flat tires in my life mean?  Stay the heck home and study until your brain is melted.  High hopes with juggling the work schedule this week and getting a big exam done, and crushing said exam.  Kinda sad in grown up land when you’re looking forward to cooking dinner and cleaning because it means a study break. . .ah, we’re all growing up my friend.