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Sorry I have been MIA


Sorry I have been under the radar and not writing nearly exciting enough stuff for you to check in on though I see, as expected the Marine Corps Ball Gown blurbs are the most popular this time of year.  I hope you take the time to visit the Angel’s Voices website on those two blog entries, it is a wonderful charity and the woman running it has a huge heart. . .please support it.

I have had my hands full with work thise season, a blessing considering the news you see and hear, the Jacksonville area and it’s market are sort of a safe harbor from the storm.  If you have questions about it, I’d love to help find some answers for you.  As usual I remain a hard working real estate broker with seven years industry experience and a life time of moving and renovating homes ( I have mad skills when it comes to living mid renovation with just a microwave and a bath tub to do dishes in). . .and I plan to be in this business for life.  Yes, I have been busy but I can always find time to answer questions, help you navigate the real estate transacation and of course meet new folks.  I do work seven days a week, all year long with the occasional hooky session for an afternoon in maybe Swansboro or Topsail to shop and lucn with pals.  I rarely smell bad, never bite and generally won’t make you want to climb the walls if you spend extended time with me in my office or in the car house hunting. . .

Keep your eyes peeled for me as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army next month.  I think the post I volunteered for was at the local Sam’s Club on Western, but I’ll post more specifics later. . .I hope you can come out and contribute to the cause!

As always, visit www.910Homes.net , shoot me an email at McKenzieSellsHomes@gmail.com or give me a call or text at 910.554.0761 . . .love to hear from you!

Spare your Marine Corps Ball Gowns!



A little elf put an article in my inbox at work and I thought I would pass along the info to try to get some additional exposure.  With the note, was a copy of an article by Cindy Winstead in the Jacksonville Daily News, our local paper.

I only know about the tiny portion of the article that references a local charity “Angel’s Voices”, you can learn more at their website : www.angelsvoices.org.  They’re looking for Marine Corps Ball Gowns, bridesmaid dresses, formal wear to be donated for their annual Fashion Show. . .”Love Shouldn’t Hurt, Should It?” at Swansboro Middle School on February 24th from 1:30-4.  Admission is $5 and two cans of non-perishable food.  Canned food and $1 of admissions proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army.

A great organization, a wonderful cause and something fun to do. . .maybe a fun day to spend with your daughters. . .meet with a group of pals for a lunch date then attend the fashion show!  I hope you can attend!

Please visit www.angelsvoices.org email angelsvoicesspeakup@yahoo.com for additional information.