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Baby Garrett is a motivator in more ways than one.



I never thought I was a person who would get such pleasure from doing something someone had told me wasn’t possible, even if I wasn’t planning to do so.  I have made some personal and professional decisions over the years based on the supposition that children of my own were a very long shot, at least without serious medical intervention.

This handsome fellow, with his fist in the air says challenge your thoughts, challenge convention.  When life places a bend in your path or an “obstacle” you weren’t anticipating. . .take the dive.  I have to admit, previously I had been a “keep the status quo” kind of girl, anti-surprise party. . .and a planner ten steps in advance (as a very clumsy child who was placed in ballet as a toddler- plotting your next dozen steps keeps you from tripping and falling).  HE has been the most mind blowing and joyous surprise I could have NEVER anticipated.

Part of me would love to pack up Garrett for a visit to the Brody School of Medicine for a hello and visit to some nurses I got to know very well years ago, but I’m so pleased with the (not so, since I’m writing here) silent knowledge  that despite some crazy hurdles, insane odds, and what-are-the-chances timing. . .he’s almost here.

To date, Garrett is the best adventure I’ve taken.  I can’t wait to see what my cohort and I get into in this next very exciting chapter in my life.  So far, he’s been a most excellent and gallant escort while meeting clients and showing homes.  🙂

May you have many exciting new chapters in YOUR life and amazing adventures on your horizon.

Eeek! Fall decor descends!



Running errands this week and ran in to a local craft store only to discover they have fall decor for sale (already?!) and Halloween things on the way!

Normally, silk mums wouldn’t spool me up, however the lovely staff person unpacking additional festive foliage offered “Lots of our customers like to get a little head start on the next season for their crafts, are you in to crafting?”  I was still a bit agog but managed a joke, “Yeah, I’m so crafty, I make people!”

Hard to believe as it is, about ready to wrap the second trimester and I’m headed for the home stretch.  Time flies, right?

So, lots to do, lots of decisions to be finalized.

http://www.baby2see.com/pregnancylength.html  Pregnancy by weeks, months and trimesters.  I guess the Mamma Bear routine and hormones kick in even before a kiddo arrives.

Horizontal stripes are no one’s friend, man!


20130518-105651.jpg   I swear I had a cute (granted, not as cute to rival Princess Kate or Halle) bump going this am and I’m feeling this angle has me looking more large than I really am- but the two of us are manning the model home in Sneads Ferry (NC) today and tomorrow.  Stop by and say hi, get some groovy decorating ideas (designed by a former Trading Spaces star-I’ll even tell you which one!) and a hug or a belly rub for luck!