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New year, new/old last name and a new dress or two?


2011 will be the year of wrapping up long-winded projects.  My tiny pink cottage is almost completely renovated and is, in fact, no longer pink.  My crazy little Army shack that moved into town in 1942 from Holly Ridge is finally looking more and more like a home and less like a construction war zone even if it is now “olive” green (which is a smidge off from Army drab green-but seemed fitting with it’s personality).  Less exciting and with a higher pita factor, the name change.  I know, I think I blogged about it eons ago and I really, honestly, will be getting that done this year. . .along with new head shots for work and new name riders and business cards. . .ugh, the least fun project ever but I’m sure it’s bad mojo to have it any longer.

2010 was an amazing year.  Unwavering support and cheering from my family, especially my folks.  My little brother is going to be a dad soon which has me over the moon excited to be an aunt to OLIVA who is due to make her debut around Valentine’s Day.  My wonder pooch Libby has taught me that the left side of the car indeed smells different than the right. . .which has me tweaking some marketing and web ideas for the new year.

More dresses.  It’s frankly the easiest way to get ready in the morning, though, after ruining a few pairs of heels on job sites this year, I may be looking into more flats to wear with them. . .but the browsing has begun for those new head shots to kick off the name change.  Check out http://shop.emckay.com/  and http://southernandpreppy.blogspot.com/ . . .Gym and I have a hot date this evening.