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Baby Garrett is a motivator in more ways than one.



I never thought I was a person who would get such pleasure from doing something someone had told me wasn’t possible, even if I wasn’t planning to do so.  I have made some personal and professional decisions over the years based on the supposition that children of my own were a very long shot, at least without serious medical intervention.

This handsome fellow, with his fist in the air says challenge your thoughts, challenge convention.  When life places a bend in your path or an “obstacle” you weren’t anticipating. . .take the dive.  I have to admit, previously I had been a “keep the status quo” kind of girl, anti-surprise party. . .and a planner ten steps in advance (as a very clumsy child who was placed in ballet as a toddler- plotting your next dozen steps keeps you from tripping and falling).  HE has been the most mind blowing and joyous surprise I could have NEVER anticipated.

Part of me would love to pack up Garrett for a visit to the Brody School of Medicine for a hello and visit to some nurses I got to know very well years ago, but I’m so pleased with the (not so, since I’m writing here) silent knowledge  that despite some crazy hurdles, insane odds, and what-are-the-chances timing. . .he’s almost here.

To date, Garrett is the best adventure I’ve taken.  I can’t wait to see what my cohort and I get into in this next very exciting chapter in my life.  So far, he’s been a most excellent and gallant escort while meeting clients and showing homes.  🙂

May you have many exciting new chapters in YOUR life and amazing adventures on your horizon.

Area market activity- summer is heating things up!


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A couple links to June 2012 Market Reports for each of the major neigbhorhoods in the Sneads Ferry Area.

Chadwick Shores: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Chadwick+Shores+June+Market+Report

Escoba Bay: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Escoba+Bay+Market+Report

Justice Farm: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Justice+Farm+June+Market+Report

Creek’s Edge: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Creeks+Edge+June+Market+Report

North Shore: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/North+Shore+Country+Club+June+Market+Report

Peggy’s Cove: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Peggys+Cove+June+Market+Report

Oyster Landing: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Oyster+Landing+June+Market+Report

Marsh Haven: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Marsh+Haven+June+Market+Report

Mimosa Bay: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Mimosa+Bay+Market+Report

Mill Creek: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/The+Landing+at+Mill+Creek+June+Market+Report

The Village at Folkstone: http://www.jasongruner.com/blog/Village+at+Folkstone+Market+Report

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