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I break my own legs.


I thoughtfully included a moment of Schadenfreude for you rather than a pic of myself. . .no exciting cast, just a lovely stress fracture(s) to boast from my running.  I am enjoying a diet with a side of ibuprofen and calcium pills and a shot of milk here and there.  I have a few blogger pals on here who are anti-facebook so I thought I’d make an effort to explain (make excuses as two said) for not updating my run log for a bit.

In short, a public mea culpa.  You’re smart, I”m dumb.  You’re very good looking and athletically superior and I’m great at watching hulu.com.  So, turns out, after decades of dance and ballet, amping up a running program to prep for a marathon-I COULD have heeded some well “heeled” advice.

Stretching isn’t just a suggestion, it’s imperative–all the time, seriously.  Old rehab tricks like writing the alphabet in the air with your toes never goes out of style even if you aren’t planning on whipping out some fouette turns on the dance floor this weekend.  Rotating shoes, regardless of how cute they are or aren’t has to happen, ideally as often as every other day.  Change routes or at a minimum reverse the route and TRAIL/soft surface running should take up more of the training program.  Noted, in my pretty moleskine journal.  My bad.  Lesson learned.

Ohhhtay, one pic.  🙂 Missing running and walking “with purpose” because someone put the kibosh on that as well.:


Because somehow, “I break my own leg” reminded me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leEo3cXOyko

Curve of the earth.


Sooo running, not going so hot exactly.  My new favorite past time is to ice my shins down two or three times a day.  The curve of the earth it isn’t exactly, but that’s sort of the curve of my shins and calves now.  Highlight of my day?  I had to throw out two old pairs of running shorts and a pair of yoga pants. . .they’re too big.  Heaven!  I may end up walking this marathon after all but the training in the mean time has been great (aside from the stress fracture).


Entertainment industry, know anyone?


So, it should come as no surprise to most of you that I’m a dabbler, with a few projects spinning like plates on a stick at a county fair at any given point in time.  Looks like one that I’m super excited about is pressing forward and might actually move from pipe dream to an actual “thing.”  I’ve been a good chickadee and did my due diligence and leg work on the how and what and why but I be needing some WHO.

ONE of the reasons I’ve been working myself out for months is because of this one special project. . .Sooo if you know of anyone in the “biz” I’d love to exchange info with you.  Before you ask, yes, yes, I’m working with the writer’s vault and both email and snail mailing myself copies of things and following the fun “intellectual property” guidelines to CmyA.

I’m headed out of the office for the day, finally, and to get a run in.  Mom, if you read this, I’m going for a meandering walk around the neighborhood then icing my stress fracture down and generally taking it easy.  I swear.  Everyone else, wave if you see me out and about.   Honking not encouraged since A. generally the music is too loud 2. I do lots of thinking and a blonde, running on the side of the road does not need her thought process interrupted and III. well, can’t think of a third but let’s just not and say we did.


Run tunes: lately into: and by popular demand: musical potpourri~


























Life in a day


Can’t remember if I posted this before http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8S4gGI4nRo&feature=feedf_more  “Life in a day”, hits in July though I’m thinking sort of like Babies, Super Size Me and Freakonomics, might be better on dvd, just a thought.

Added this to the wish list, both the stomach and the running skirt.  🙂  Been doing so many crunches lately I sneezed and it hurt enough it made me swear in a foreign language.  Let ya guess which one.

Liquid sunshine filled run


Run and rain on 5/15

Started my run today knowing storms were blowing in. . .tons of sun the first half, wind the whole time. . .and mid way, snapped this as I debated cutting the route short but figured a spring run in the rain would rock.  It did.  I arrived home with a complete training day, soaked to the bone and smiling from ear to ear.  Hope your Sunday rocked as well!

I may not wear my heart on my sleeve, but does my key chain count?


   2011 is off with a bang!  My fantastic first niece arrived yesterday afternoon.  An uneventful delivery (always a very good thing) and a cheerful and beautiful and close to nine pounds and just over twenty inches long.  My heart is singing. 

 Wish I could share photos but out of respect for my bro and his philosophy on creepers out there, no bambino shots to post on the interwebs. 

Working on the rocking professional and personal goals for the year, listed a fantastic home today and working on another tomorrow and wrote a contract for a buyer pal of mine (the madame that keeps my hair in line, been au natural and/or low lights for the last two years, they made me look smarter, right?  Going back to the blonde roots from here on out.), on a very funky-cool hundred year old home so fingers crossed everything comes together and falls into place as planned, finding a house you dig isn’t too far off from finding a great relationship, my favorite part of my gig is seeing someone’s face light up when they meet “THE house”.

Signed up for my first marathon, on the opposite coast, location to be mentioned closer, I don’t want anyone to nab a tv out of the house or, heaven forbid, Libby the wonder pooch while I am out of town.  Basically, the goal is to say “This is really going to suck.” only once at the start of the race, and finish, with a photo of me smiling on the finish line. The pal I’m visiting, after her deployment to Afghanistan, hasn’t decided if she’s running with me, I offered she could be on water/banana/gu duty which she said after being in a war zone would probably be the most attractive option.

 I have been browsing for fun things to keep me motivated.  Somehow, the idea of wearing a skirt for a marathon makes me giggle, and, where I’ll be for the race, even early fall can be a tad chilly so that makes for one more layer that I’m not carrying or peeling off during a race so I think that will make me happy.  And apparently arts and crafts time will be involved, everyone I know who’s put themselves through this says a t-shirt with your name on it is imperative so folks in the crowd can cheer you on, not sure I’m looking forward to that kind of accountability, especially if around mile 20 or so I run off with some kids scooter to finish the race. 

First week I complete a fifteen mile run, I think the reward will be jumping out of a plane.  It’s on the bucket list.  I don’t think I am going to enjoy it, but I tend to be “the other half” that “doesn’t jump”. . .if you care to join, hit me up.  I would love the company or for someone to drive me there like a dog to the vet, door locked and promises of treats.

Sitting in my office working on my last real estate transaction that’s “in the hopper” with me signing with a power of attorney for my clients, who are both deployed. . .significance?  It’s the last time my “old” last name will appear on a major document, afterwards I’ll be able to trott down to the courthouse and get busy slapping JOHNSON on everything official-like including a bright and sparkly new passport.

Open to fantastic new suggestions on adventures to try and or marathon ipod playlist suggestions.  🙂

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