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JBOR Election and Affiliates night.




A brief explanation.  The last few years have had progressively more fun themes for our annual Jacksonville (NC) Board of Realtor’s election and affiliate night. This year was more or less a night at the Emmy’s/Hollywood evening.  So, folks were encouraged to dress as characters. . .I was thrilled to manage to squeeze into something non-maternity for a night but I think had I done a youtube video of me trying to get into some spanx (spoiler, I wasn’t successful) whilst getting ready would have easily scored more views than that cat riding the roomba.  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLt5rBfNucc)  Safe to say, especially if you have European heritage and have assisted your Grandmother making sausage, a nine month pregnant woman trying to get into “smooth wear” basically looks like fifty pounds of sausage trying to get into ten pounds of casing, alternate image, a python who ate a deer.

Adapt and overcome!  😉

Sometimes a bhag (google it) falls in your lap, which gives you a taste to conquer more!





Woohooo!!!  I know, not an EXCITING blog post, however, super duper important and on a morning like today with snow flurries, having nice things like heat can’t go underestimated!


(910) 347-9011
PO Box 96064
Charlotte NC 28296-6064 Deposit:$25.00

Progress Energy 1-800-452-2777 Deposit: Varies

Jones-Onslow EMC
259 Western Blvd
Jacksonville NC 28546
(910) 353-1940
Deposit: $200.00
Waiver possible NFCU, MFCU or Co-signer who has electricity here

Time Warner
265 Center Street Jacksonville NC 28546 (910) 353-3500

Schools and Colleges
Onslow Board of Education Georgetown Road Jacksonville NC 28540
Coastal Carolina Communitv College
Western Blvd. Jacksonville

CamD Leleune DeDendent Schooois Building #885

Base Education Office Building #202
Camp Lejeune NC 28542 (910)451-3091 or 3092

Citv of Jacksonville
City Hall
New Bridge Street
(Across from Post Office)
(910) 938-5248
Waiver possible letter of reference from previous water company.

Scientific Water and Sewer Corporation
112 Scientific Lane
Jacksonville NC 28540
(910) 455-3743
Deposit:$50.00 (varies)
Service: Lauradale, Cedar Creek, Raintree Deerfield and Summersill

Onslow Countv Public Utilities
232 Georgetown Road Jacksonville NC 28540
(910) 455-0722 Deposit:$75.00 (No waivers)

Law Enforcement:

NC Highwav Patrol (910)347-1751 or 911
Jacksonville Police Department (910) 455-4000 or 911
Onslow Countv Sheriff’s Department (910)455-3113 or 911


This will be a work in progress, as of 3/2/09 this info is correct but there will be updates as additional dish carriers and what not are added. . .this info was obtained from http://joyshomepage.com/index.shtml  a fellow agent at my office as well as whitepages.com and the good old yellow pages.

Check out my page at http://www.910homes.net and find me on twitter, facebook, myspace, activerain and more. . .I’m a fan of phone calls, emails, and texts from clients or potential clients.

910.554.0761 direct or McKenzieSellsHomes@gmail.com