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They may be virtual, but sometimes, they are the greatest neighbors.


I happen to have an amazing lab mix, full of personality and apparently, bored as of late.  I had a weekend full of activities and a few late nights (interrupted by bathroom and feed breaks for her) and Liberty Belle, the wonder pooch, got creative.

I walked in late Saturday evening to find shredded garbage from one end of the living room to the other and a black dog that knew nothing on the subject, naturally.  I clean it up, we head to bed.

First thing in the am, she’s swinging from chandeliers like she’s been living on pixie sticks for the last week.  I head to the kitchen to make myself some be-nice-juice and find she has devoured the contents of a picnic basket I won earlier in the week.  Contents of her stomach included (mind you also Saturday night dinner and Sunday am feeding to boot): a bag of cheese its, two travel containers of pringles (both original and sour cream), two packs of lance crackers (one cheese, one wheat, both with peanut butter of course), a chocolate pudding cup, a pack of oreos, half a pack of trident gum (to freshen up) and three travel tubes of crystal light (the size you add to a water bottle) to wash things down.

When I got back at lunch she was in a hurt locker.  I’ll spare you the details but I do have an antique silk rug that could use a little professional tlc as Libbys impersonation of a Sick Puppy and mine as a professional carpet sweeper were not the costumes I had in mind this year.

By dinner, it was time to call the vet.  The good doc was impressed with the sheer VOLUME of what she ate and was less concerned about the chocolate intake considering how many other starches were mixed in and hopefully absorbing/preventing damage.  Not reassuring enough.

By about eleven I was doing quite the epic web search on the phone and found this great person: http://alexadry.hubpages.com/hub/Dog-upset-stomach-home-remedy .

I tried a few of the suggestions but found swapping the mashed taters for grits an easy enough swap that made the patient happy and kept me from running out to the store.  In the am, the vet also offered a trick, full fat vanilla iced cream, apparently coats their tummies like pepto does for us.  Good old fashioned napping also helped her turn the corner but there was no avoiding her being miserable for a few days.

**##Disclaimer, please read the article and please consult your vet.  Just passing along some helpful info but you should heed a professional’s advice.


Spring has sprung which was cause for a new blog title.


   TheGlassHouseBlog.com is alive and kicking. . .feel free to pick up a rock every now and then and pitch it my way.  Love some feedback and more ideas. . .this year I think there are a few treats in store in terms of format, new topics, etc. so keep checking back.  New business cards are on order. . .and at some point this spring, I’ll get around to a new head shot but enjoy the snap to your left for the time being.

 Lots happening in the real estate market of Onslow County NC.  I have a few blogs-in-progress but work, handily, gets in the way at times and dampens the creative spirit.  Adding some new folks to the team this year as well, so, should you visit, new smiling faces to meet.

If you’d like a snap shot of the market conditions for your specific needs and timeline, it’s a free serice I provide as well as free relocation services. . .if you’re anywhere in the world, I can research and find you an experienced and friendly agent with a rockin’ track record so you aren’t just throwing darts at the phone book looking for talanted help.

Visit www.910homes.net . . .and if you know a talented computer geek (or happen to be one), I’d love some new layout ideas/options. . .thinking over web domain renovation and I’m open to suggestions.

In the meantime, I’m wrapping up some comparative market analysis projects for a few homes today and managed while out at lunch to find some cotton candy scented body spray at Walgreen’s to complete the Easter Bunny ensemble I’ll don for the annual office Easter party.  Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde with her pink scented resume. . .I figured smelling less like a costume out of a box after a year, smelling like candy might be helpful with scared wee ones.  We shall see! 

Pardon my dust. . .


Still moving things around a bit. . .spring cleaning and updating and renovating.  Open to suggestions!

In the mean time?  Some bon mots.

I believe in peanut butter and jelly, not peanut butter and white carpet.  I believe in great schools.  I believe in knowing your neighbors (and borrowing the occasional cup of sugar).  I believe in a kitchen worth dancing in and a closet worthy of your shoe collection.  I believe in a back yard for your kids (both the two and four legged varieties).  I believe a front porch can be better than television.  I believe in different and I definitely believe in funk!  I believe it’s all out there and I believe I can help you find it.

“Winning with WordPress”


Great article on the WordPress platform in this month’s issue of Realtor Magazine.  I’m still sensing lots of web confusion over push and pull data sites and fully integrating IDX resources.

A fantastic link sharing that there’s a reason not all of us are jumping on the data sharing/integration bandwagon just yet. . .in part because we just can’t, interfaces that can’t interface. . .boards that clamp down on information. . .and more.


Auctions! Going, going, gone!


Something sort of new in our Jacksonville/Onslow County area market is real estate auctions.  One took place this morning on Pollard Drive.  About twenty folks attended the event on the home’s front lawn with the proerty going for 77,000.  Homes in this development, depending on condition and heated square footage normally sell in the ball park of 130,000-140,000.  The home wasn’t in fantastic shape; as a rule of thumb, if folks can’t pay their mortgage, they aren’t doing general maintenance or repairs as needed (I suspect, market value of supplies and labor on repairs in the 20-30k range).  So, the home had to be paid for, cash.  The repairs, cash unless you are your own repair person or working with one as a team and you must hang on to the property for 120 days as per new “flipping” regulations.  So, this isn’t a fantastic match for everyone but, if you’re interested, I can obtain a list of bank owned homes for you, free of charge, no catch, however, I’d like to make sure it’s a viable option for you.

I get lots of questions as a Real Estate Broker regarding bank owned/reo properties.  There’s lots of talk about buying these distressed properties which somtimes can be a great value, however, in many instances, the type of money (cash, mortgage, etc.) you can purchase the property varies.  Many moons ago lenders and investors were trying to sell the property for what was owed on the note, which, in a round about way you can still find these properties but generally only when there is a tax lien on the property. . .in which case it’s a cash only transaction.  Short sales, auctions, and conventional sales, I’m sure you have a million questions.  I’d love an email and would be happy to answer and hopefully, make the process make a little more sense.

There’s one more area auction for a home on Warlick in downtown Jacksonville on December 8th.  If you’re interested in this home, check http://williamsauction.com/Search/mySearch.aspx?keyword=28540&p=1.1   for more info on time and location.  If you’d like more info on other homes, please check out www.910homes.net  or email me for a custom search of homes that are tailor made for you.

Southern Palm!!!!

“Southern Palm is a boutique embracing the highest quality of unique finds and designs. Home decor, fine jewelry, and childrens clothing are just a few of the items that can be found here. The Southern Palm experience is one of relaxation and solitude. Featured lines include Caldrea, David Aubrey, By Boe, Dogeared, Story People, and Scout Bins by Bungalow. For the wee ones we carry Bla Bla, Baby Legs, Me Too, Pink Chicken, Beau Beaux, Inc., See Kai Run, Pedi Ped, and Eleven.

Our contact information

By email: sopalm24@yahoo.com

By standard mail:
Southern Palm
P.O. Box 349
3495 Hwy 24 East
Beulaville, NC 28518

By phone:
910-298-8334 between 11:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. eastern time


Shipping Information:

We at Southern Palm will do our best to get your orders filled within a 36 hour time frame. If a problem does occur, you will be notified by e-mail or telephone.

Refunds & Returns:

If a return is necessary, the item(s) must be received back at Southern Palm within 2 weeks of purchase date. All returns will receive store credit only.” Copied from their fantabulous site full of cool stuff. . .www.sopalm.com