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Eeek! Fall decor descends!



Running errands this week and ran in to a local craft store only to discover they have fall decor for sale (already?!) and Halloween things on the way!

Normally, silk mums wouldn’t spool me up, however the lovely staff person unpacking additional festive foliage offered “Lots of our customers like to get a little head start on the next season for their crafts, are you in to crafting?”  I was still a bit agog but managed a joke, “Yeah, I’m so crafty, I make people!”

Hard to believe as it is, about ready to wrap the second trimester and I’m headed for the home stretch.  Time flies, right?

So, lots to do, lots of decisions to be finalized.

http://www.baby2see.com/pregnancylength.html  Pregnancy by weeks, months and trimesters.  I guess the Mamma Bear routine and hormones kick in even before a kiddo arrives.

Environmental Elf Program

Please pass this message to other teachers, students, and parents.
We need high school volunteers for the Jacksonville Litter Free Holiday Parade / Environmental Elf Program.
Those that are interested should meet at the parking lot on the right side of the Coastal Carolina Community College science building (look for Environmental Elves sign) at:
no later than 8am on Saturday the 19th of November
You can also preregister by emailing Lisa_Rider@onslowcountync.gov .  Environmental Elves program helps high school students earn SAT credit hours by walking in the parade collecting recyclables and trash from parade watchers.  Hats, bags, etc will be provided and the first two volunteers to show up will have the option to hold the banner.
The parade starts at 9am and traffic will be blocked, so you need to make arrangements to have students dropped at the parking lot at CCCC by 8am and meet them at the end of the parade (Brynn Mar Shopping Center).  The parade ends at noon and the walk takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.  (Elves will be located all throughout the parade so some will finish earlier than others.)
It is best for parents to be at the end of the parade by 9am.  Parents can also walk in the parade with students if they choice to.  Please bring SAT credit hour forms in order to receive credits.  YOU MUST BE AT THE PARKING LOT BY 8am at the LATEST in order to participate in the parade and receive credit!!!
Thanks so much and please forward this email.  More volunteers are needed in order to make this year’s parade litter free.
Thank you for all you do,
Lisa Rider
Onslow County Solid Waste Department
Assistant Director
415 Meadowview Road
Jacksonville, NC 28540
(910) 330-3140 cellular
P Please consider the environment before you print this e-mail.

Can’t beat a front porch and a symphony performance!


The North Carolina Symphony performance last night was wonderful.  Gathered with a group of friends, we camped out on a front porch, enjoyed the tunes and catching up.  Gardenia scented air, rocking chairs, moss draped trees, a glass of wine and world class performers. . .a tough night to beat!

The next concert in the area will be the Holiday Pops performance.  Sunday, November 27 at three pm at Northside High School’s auditorium.  Visit http://www.ncsymphony.org for more info, other exciting events as well as ticketing.

Cheers to a wonderful 2010, can’t wait to see what adventures 2011 will hold!


May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.

Thank you all for an amazing year.  Some home sales were easy as pie, some a little complicated and some as tough as giving birth to a baby rhino (not sure, but imagine that it would be slow and painful, so I felt a handy analogy).  Thank you for all the close-call home sales too and I hope the stars align in the new year– after your promotion, baby’s arrival, graduation, marriage, retirement, divorce. 

I’m happy to count myself as ons of the few Realtors in the world who is still sitting at their desk during the holiday season responding to past, present and future clients.  It’s been a busy year and I’m already rolling into the new year swinging.

This year has been full of questions about the state of the economy, real estate, and the American Dream.  Part of being good at what you do is know when not to do what you love to do.  I’m thrilled with the homes and folks I have connected with this year but also the homes that didn’t sell because it simply wasn’t the right time for them to buy, pcs orders changed,  bad mix of risk and reward.  If you need more info about the local economy, want to talk shop. . .I’m always available, well, maybe too available which is on the resolutions list for the new year, but happy to help you figure out if now is a good time for you to buy or sell. . .or rent or lease. . .or look at an option contract. 

It’s the fit that counts and there is something out there for everyone.  I hope to help you find it.

With warm wishes for you and yours this holiday season!  May your new year be filled with even more fun adventures and great memories than the year almost past.