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Sorry I have been MIA


Sorry I have been under the radar and not writing nearly exciting enough stuff for you to check in on though I see, as expected the Marine Corps Ball Gown blurbs are the most popular this time of year.  I hope you take the time to visit the Angel’s Voices website on those two blog entries, it is a wonderful charity and the woman running it has a huge heart. . .please support it.

I have had my hands full with work thise season, a blessing considering the news you see and hear, the Jacksonville area and it’s market are sort of a safe harbor from the storm.  If you have questions about it, I’d love to help find some answers for you.  As usual I remain a hard working real estate broker with seven years industry experience and a life time of moving and renovating homes ( I have mad skills when it comes to living mid renovation with just a microwave and a bath tub to do dishes in). . .and I plan to be in this business for life.  Yes, I have been busy but I can always find time to answer questions, help you navigate the real estate transacation and of course meet new folks.  I do work seven days a week, all year long with the occasional hooky session for an afternoon in maybe Swansboro or Topsail to shop and lucn with pals.  I rarely smell bad, never bite and generally won’t make you want to climb the walls if you spend extended time with me in my office or in the car house hunting. . .

Keep your eyes peeled for me as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army next month.  I think the post I volunteered for was at the local Sam’s Club on Western, but I’ll post more specifics later. . .I hope you can come out and contribute to the cause!

As always, visit www.910Homes.net , shoot me an email at McKenzieSellsHomes@gmail.com or give me a call or text at 910.554.0761 . . .love to hear from you!

New listings, new projects


Hiya folks!

I just wanted to share my latest listing on Highway 24 near Kenansville.  The physical address is 917 E. Highway 24.  A brick, three bedroom, two bath home with a great layout and park like back yard for 140,000.  Located near the 40 intersection, great for folks who travel but want a slower pace of life.  Bucolic setting with options nearby to board horses. . .it is well worth the drive to check it out if you are local to the Onslow county area.  Just past Beulaville on your right before you reach Kenansville.

On the horizon, I’ll be lising approximately 25 acres between Jacksonville and Maysville this fall.  There is a lovely renovated brick home on the property. . .but, if developed and subdivided could be a small new constuction community. . .contact me for more details and plans. . .but thought I would get the word out in the event a builder/developer is looking for new land opportunities.

More to come and majy irons in the fire so-to-speak,

Easy access to your home when it’s on the market


Please bear with myself as well as my area Realtors as we transition from Supra brand lock boxes to Sentrilock.  As a board we feel the technology Sentrilock offers is far superior to that of Supra, and less cumbersome in our day to day activities working for nice folks like yourself. 

What does it mean for you as a seller?  Pretty simple swap out of your older lockboxes with the new, please be patient as we wait for them to arrive, probably in batches, to be exchanged.  I believe the goal is to have them all exchanged by end of month so, if your home is on the market, expect to see your agent dash by to swap them out.

As a buyer, you won’t notice much change, but, instead of that little black calculator looking thing we have used for years to gain entrance to a home, we now have something that looks more like a credit card or a college laundry card. . .much smaller and hopefully, more efficiently tracking what homes we show and when to give the sellers a better idea of the activity on their home.

What is a lockbox you say?  I provides a safe and secure location for a spare key to your home to be available for any licensed real estate agent in the regional area to easily gain entrance to your home (with proper notice, naturally) so either preview your home for clients or to offer a guided tour of your home to help get it sold.  It’s a pretty handy system, the spare keys are located at the homes to be shown and an electronic log is kept of who showed your home and when.  No need to hid a key under the mat or wait around for an agent to show up.

All in all, we are growing and updating to better serve you, our consumers.  I’m looking forward to the transition, it helps me work even harder for you.

Daffodils are here!


I was back and forth to Sneads Ferry today showing properties and passed a few fresh clumps of Daffodils on the side of the road.  I know our Eastern North Carolina Weather has been weird this year, one day a fabulous 70, the next only 45. . .I am sure the trees are right behind and will be blooming in no time.  Why are daffodils so special in this area, well, for one, they are, officially, Jacksonville’s flower.  Nice with the recent return of Marines and Navy personnel that there are bright yellow blooms around, like little yellow ribbons all over the place!  Meg Ryan says in the move “You’ve got mail” that daisies are the “friendliest flower” but I think, especially this time of year that sunny daffodils have them beat!  😀daffodil.jpg