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Sometimes a bhag (google it) falls in your lap, which gives you a taste to conquer more!



How do you know it’s close to Marine Corps Ball Season?


Like the week after New Year’s or just before Srping break. . .there is an uptick in gym visits these days are folks are getting in shape to get back into uniforms or evening wear. . .it’s nice to have the extra company.  🙂

Sorry I have been MIA


Sorry I have been under the radar and not writing nearly exciting enough stuff for you to check in on though I see, as expected the Marine Corps Ball Gown blurbs are the most popular this time of year.  I hope you take the time to visit the Angel’s Voices website on those two blog entries, it is a wonderful charity and the woman running it has a huge heart. . .please support it.

I have had my hands full with work thise season, a blessing considering the news you see and hear, the Jacksonville area and it’s market are sort of a safe harbor from the storm.  If you have questions about it, I’d love to help find some answers for you.  As usual I remain a hard working real estate broker with seven years industry experience and a life time of moving and renovating homes ( I have mad skills when it comes to living mid renovation with just a microwave and a bath tub to do dishes in). . .and I plan to be in this business for life.  Yes, I have been busy but I can always find time to answer questions, help you navigate the real estate transacation and of course meet new folks.  I do work seven days a week, all year long with the occasional hooky session for an afternoon in maybe Swansboro or Topsail to shop and lucn with pals.  I rarely smell bad, never bite and generally won’t make you want to climb the walls if you spend extended time with me in my office or in the car house hunting. . .

Keep your eyes peeled for me as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army next month.  I think the post I volunteered for was at the local Sam’s Club on Western, but I’ll post more specifics later. . .I hope you can come out and contribute to the cause!

As always, visit www.910Homes.net , shoot me an email at McKenzieSellsHomes@gmail.com or give me a call or text at 910.554.0761 . . .love to hear from you!

Buy her something nice this year


heartboxes.jpgValentine’s Day is on the horizon, but guess what you have time to buy?  That’s right, a house!  Generally, in the Onslow County area, the time frame from start of contract to closing date is 30-35 days. . .and some sellers and builders are willing to let you move into the home before then, buyer possession before closing, and pay a per diem rent until the home is yours (usually only with a pre approval letter from your lender and a signed addendum to your sales contract).

Surprisingly, it is often CHEAPER to get into a home and buy it than to rent it in our area.  Rentals require an application and fee, first month’s rent, security deposit, pet deposit (that is IF they allow your pets), and sometimes pet rent. . .whereas buying a home, generally the Earnest Money Deposit (due with your offer on the house but used towards your closing costs) is $500-$1000 and credited to you at closing, and many builders and sellers are offering to pay a large portion of your closing costs. . .so, there is a good chance that for $500-$1000 the house is YOURS to do with what you please. . .which is amazing, not to mention the tax benefits of home ownership or that you can steadily build equity so that when you sell the home you have a nice little nest egg to reinvest or do something special with. 

Our market has amazing resiliency and great job security.  Some agents were sad to see that the “bubble” so famous in the rest of the country, barely swelled here, I have to saw I am so glad it didn’t.  This market is SO appraisal based, thanks to the VA loan and the thousands of military families here that support our four bases: Camp Lejeune, New River Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Johnson, Camp Geiger.  More and more the military is “homesteading” families, so instead of the often three year or shorter tours, many folks are here much longer making home ownership even more sensible!

So, this year buy her something nice that will keep on giving!  A new home!  Maybe with that big bathtub she’s always dreamed of, a walk in closest, a huge deck out back for you. . .the possibilities are endless!  Call or email me with questions, I’ve got answers about first time home-ownership, investing, selling, and more. 

A home, way better than a bracelet or perfume she’ll never wear!



Raise your hand if you’re a builder or developer!!!


2007_07_20_1128_02.jpgThen walk up and shake mine!

I am looking to add to my business, grow my client base and of course, sell some more homes!  I would love to talk opportunities with you, the great benefits of working with a full service office and the collection of marketing techniques and web exposure that will knock your socks off.

If you’re a contractor, I’d love your contact information, at times I work with clients looking to buy a home that needs more love than they can give and need help with additions or major overhauls or sellers getting their homes caught up on neglected maintenance and need a reputable person to contact.  I only work with licensed and insured professionals, so everyone is protected during the project. . .

So, if you or someone you know is looking for someone like me, pass my name and contact info along.  Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, New River Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Geiger, and Camp Johnson is growing in leaps and bounds with new troops and families arriving every day. . .and support staff.  New businesses are popping up around town, Jacksonville is having a bit of a Renaissance. . .give me a call today to become a part of it.

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