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JBOR Election and Affiliates night.




A brief explanation.  The last few years have had progressively more fun themes for our annual Jacksonville (NC) Board of Realtor’s election and affiliate night. This year was more or less a night at the Emmy’s/Hollywood evening.  So, folks were encouraged to dress as characters. . .I was thrilled to manage to squeeze into something non-maternity for a night but I think had I done a youtube video of me trying to get into some spanx (spoiler, I wasn’t successful) whilst getting ready would have easily scored more views than that cat riding the roomba.  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLt5rBfNucc)  Safe to say, especially if you have European heritage and have assisted your Grandmother making sausage, a nine month pregnant woman trying to get into “smooth wear” basically looks like fifty pounds of sausage trying to get into ten pounds of casing, alternate image, a python who ate a deer.

Adapt and overcome!  😉

Sometimes a bhag (google it) falls in your lap, which gives you a taste to conquer more!



Stair Master


I’m often asked by prospective and current clients about the success rate of open houses.  Do they work?  In my experience, yes and no. I have found that Agent/Broker Open houses have the best track record.  I can’t tell you the number of neighborhood open houses I have hosted over the years with ads in the paper, online, various social media outlets and signs everywhere to have only the next door neighbors show up to talk about the kitchen drapes.  Granted, it only takes that ONE buyer to get your home sold but low attendance isn’t going to get you there.  My goal is of course to keep my clients happy but happy means a sold home.  The more prospective buyers your home can be exposed to, the better.

A Broker open can do just that.  On average, a broker is communicating with five to eight buyers, we call it incubating, several times a week touching base on what the current market conditions are, what might be new on the market or what on their top ten list may have sold. . .and what new gems we may have previewed that week.  So, on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, a broker open with fifteen to twenty in attendance possibly means your home was exposed to 75-160 prospective buyers.

A caravan is a great and super fast way to preview homes, it’s sort of like speed dating.  My firm and a few other Century 21 offices in the area gather every Tuesday morning after our sales meetings to tour our new listings in a portion of the county.  There’s only so much time in a day, so, we limit the number of homes to about fourteen.  It’s a great way for new agents to learn the area and for every agent in attendance to have some great homes brought to their attention.

Both events of course get traffic through your home, but possibly even more important is the feedback the agents provide.  Is the home clean enough?  Are the paint colors too much?  Is the home over priced?  Are there any offensive odors?  Is the home too overstuffed for it to show well?  Are there better ways to arrange the furniture to show off the floor plan?

I’m hitting a few open houses again today.  Which inspires me to forward things on to specific clients as well as scrub my baseboards. . .nothing like touring several immaculate homes to make you want to race home and get some spring cleaning done around mi casa!

Spring has sprung which was cause for a new blog title.


   TheGlassHouseBlog.com is alive and kicking. . .feel free to pick up a rock every now and then and pitch it my way.  Love some feedback and more ideas. . .this year I think there are a few treats in store in terms of format, new topics, etc. so keep checking back.  New business cards are on order. . .and at some point this spring, I’ll get around to a new head shot but enjoy the snap to your left for the time being.

 Lots happening in the real estate market of Onslow County NC.  I have a few blogs-in-progress but work, handily, gets in the way at times and dampens the creative spirit.  Adding some new folks to the team this year as well, so, should you visit, new smiling faces to meet.

If you’d like a snap shot of the market conditions for your specific needs and timeline, it’s a free serice I provide as well as free relocation services. . .if you’re anywhere in the world, I can research and find you an experienced and friendly agent with a rockin’ track record so you aren’t just throwing darts at the phone book looking for talanted help.

Visit www.910homes.net . . .and if you know a talented computer geek (or happen to be one), I’d love some new layout ideas/options. . .thinking over web domain renovation and I’m open to suggestions.

In the meantime, I’m wrapping up some comparative market analysis projects for a few homes today and managed while out at lunch to find some cotton candy scented body spray at Walgreen’s to complete the Easter Bunny ensemble I’ll don for the annual office Easter party.  Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde with her pink scented resume. . .I figured smelling less like a costume out of a box after a year, smelling like candy might be helpful with scared wee ones.  We shall see! 

Marine Corps Ball Gowns!!!!


I couldn’t resist writing something else on the topic, it is the MOST popular way to find my website! I have more hits per day on this topic than any other!!!!

I grew up a Marine Brat and then as an adult went to my fair share of Marine Corps Balls . . .the short list of advice?

Here in Coastal NC, chances are good you have to travel a bit to reach your event, often hosted in New Bern or Wilmington as there are few locations in the Jacksonville area that can host a large batallion or squadron so keep that in mind and that may mean parking at a parkikng deck and having to walk a bit. . .bring spare shoes just in case. . .or, rather than a convention center you may enjoy your evening at an empty hangar or field house (in those instances, no white/light dresses if you hope to wear your gown more than once!).

Your date/escort for the evening will be in uniform, which varies from service to service and rank. . .but all in all, black, navy blue, white and red are included in their evening dress and make any dress you wear in those colors look smashing. . .gold and silver also look great since the gents have all their medals on.

Dinner and dancing are usually included but always, at a USMC ball is the cake cutting ceremony where the youngest and oldest Marines in the room participate. . .the evening usually includes a distinguished guest speaker and several toasts.

I could go on about the schedule of events and attire but, think of it as a grown-up prom and you’re pretty close! Take lots of photos, be respectful of everyone there, dance at least once and have fun!

**Check out all the great comments and a few links below!  Ball season is ramping up!  If you have a great story of some helpful advice, please share!  And, as always, if you have ANY kind of real estate need (regardless of what state or country you are in), shoot me a note to McKenzieSellsHomes@gmail.com and I can answer your questions or connect you with a talented agent with a great track record no matter where you are!  (910)554-0761 is my direct cell for folks with North Carolina Real Estate needs.  I have a decade of military real estate experience and work with Century 21 Champion Real Estate in Jacksonville, NC-home to Camp Lejeune, New River MCAS, Camp Johnson and Camp Geiger and have great connections to every military community imaginable (and have moved over a dozen times myself).  I’d love to help you bloom where you are planted!

Spare your Marine Corps Ball Gowns!



A little elf put an article in my inbox at work and I thought I would pass along the info to try to get some additional exposure.  With the note, was a copy of an article by Cindy Winstead in the Jacksonville Daily News, our local paper.

I only know about the tiny portion of the article that references a local charity “Angel’s Voices”, you can learn more at their website : www.angelsvoices.org.  They’re looking for Marine Corps Ball Gowns, bridesmaid dresses, formal wear to be donated for their annual Fashion Show. . .”Love Shouldn’t Hurt, Should It?” at Swansboro Middle School on February 24th from 1:30-4.  Admission is $5 and two cans of non-perishable food.  Canned food and $1 of admissions proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army.

A great organization, a wonderful cause and something fun to do. . .maybe a fun day to spend with your daughters. . .meet with a group of pals for a lunch date then attend the fashion show!  I hope you can attend!

Please visit www.angelsvoices.org email angelsvoicesspeakup@yahoo.com for additional information.