Eeek! Fall decor descends!



Running errands this week and ran in to a local craft store only to discover they have fall decor for sale (already?!) and Halloween things on the way!

Normally, silk mums wouldn’t spool me up, however the lovely staff person unpacking additional festive foliage offered “Lots of our customers like to get a little head start on the next season for their crafts, are you in to crafting?”  I was still a bit agog but managed a joke, “Yeah, I’m so crafty, I make people!”

Hard to believe as it is, about ready to wrap the second trimester and I’m headed for the home stretch.  Time flies, right?

So, lots to do, lots of decisions to be finalized.  Pregnancy by weeks, months and trimesters.  I guess the Mamma Bear routine and hormones kick in even before a kiddo arrives.

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