I like Boston Butts and I cannot lie. . .



I snuck out during lunch to stock up on green smoothies and watermelon for a snack and walked past a crazy great sale on Boston Butts, a buck a pound with no limit on how many you could buy.  So, I bought the ten they had sitting there.  Don’t judge, that’s what the deep freezer is for, as well as a few friends and their spare garage fridges.

This was a Food Lion deal in Eastern NC, don’t shoot the messenger if your local store doesn’t have the same special.  The sale goes through Tuesday and they will honor the deal, if sold out, with a rain check.  Win/Win!  And, because I am a nerd, just added up what I WOULD have spent which makes my heart dance a little.

BBQ, this time of year, makes my day.

So, plotting a large bbq with family and friends at the end of the summer and I think this just helped set the menu!  I’ve already pinned some great recipe ideas and killer dips and marinades if you’d like to check them out here: http://pinterest.com/mckenzie27/pins/  ENJOY!

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