Giving blood is a good thing, and you even get schnacks.


A few weeks back, I think on the last really cool and windy day of spring, I donated blood for the first time in forever.  Royce, a colleague at my office suggested it and as a father of two grown kids, knew exactly how to rope me in.  “Want to give blood today?” “I’m in the middle of herding some cats, when?” “Right now, I have an appointment.” “Eek, maybe!” “No, seriously, just hop in the car, I’ll drive.” So off I run out the front door, jacketless, to be the first donor of the day, with excellent blood flow no less (yes, I’m that competitive).  I close the car door, he locks it and off we went but I have to admit I felt like a dog being tricked into a vet visit with a promise of a cookie and a drive around the neighborhood.  Anyhoo, good deed done and yesterday, a shiny new official donor card showed up in the mail with a thank you note and a suggestion of when and where I could donate next.

If you’d love a giggle, check out this link .  In Japan and Korea there’s a practice of asking your blood type.  Apparently they feel much like a horoscope that it reflects your personality (which I would say is a bunk science, however, I do happen to check my horoscope a few times a month-Libra, ‘natch).  Soooo, type O positive does seem to hit the nail on the head although I’m getting better at finishing unfinished projects.  Happy reading and researching.









About McKenzie Johnson

I am a Real Estate Broker with over 13 years experience in the industry. A fan of anything the color orange, long walks on the beach eating dried cuttlefish, four legged friends, new adventures in cooking or travel. A REALTOR and real estate consultant living and working in North Carolina with information to share. I would love to demystify the process for you. . .I think real estate is a tremendous investment for just about everyone. . .not just for the financial aspect, but also the idea of owning a piece of the American Dream, a chunk of earth, literally, with your name on it. I love what I do and who I get to meet through my job, the most rewarding part is handing a family their very first set of house keys! I hope you will find helpful information here, and it is just that, information, please don't take it as gospel, just my take on real estate and the world around me. For additional information and how to contact me, visit my website I serve the Onslow County area which includes the military bases: Camp Lejeune, New River MCAS, Camp Johnson, Camp Gieger and more.

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