New Year, lot’s ‘o goals!


What does 2011 have in store for you and yours?  My list is growing and it’s incredibly exciting!  I have been so blessed to be able to work in an injured economy and have had the good fortune of working with some lovely clients but finally ready to turn my to-do list towards some amazing personal goals.

1. Name change (seriously a pain in the butt, finally getting off mine to get this completed)

2. Dark days are over and I’m finally getting back to my sunny, blonde roots.

3. Passport, super embarassing that I don’t have one and I have one very special trip in mind to mark my first stamp.

4. Learn to ski.  So much of the white stuff this year has me inspired and living generally in warm locales has made it tough thus far but looking forward to the challenge and I’m sure an opportunity to belly laugh many, many times.

5. Soul cleaning.  I have made peace and put in the past several relationships that weren’t worthy of following me into 2011.  I am saying thank you more and a few needed “mea culpa” conversations with folks I love.  It has felt wonderful.

6. Personal projects are getting more attention like writing and pitching some exciting ideas.

7. Reading an embrassing amount of books, I can’t wait.

8. Becoming the coolest Aunt possible to my favorite brother’s soon-to-arrive-daughter, I’m so excited for them I can barely contain myself!

9. Make many promised trips to wonderful friends in amazing places: Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Las Vegas and more. . .and stop waiting to be “in a relationship” to justify a trip.  Solo or with someone fun, trips are a blast regardless, I have a talent for finding fun no matter where I happen to be, so I need to get on with it already.

10. **Slightly embarrassing  snowstorm/head cold/quiet afternoon wistfulness removed “here.”  If you read what was here when originally posted, Yeah, I think I’m getting more ready for it and can’t wait to see what’s behind the next corner.

11. Appreciate every moment this year.  I’m a lucky, lucky girl surrounded by some of the most amazing and talented folks and I plan to let them know more often.

12. Last year I reclaimed my health, the last few months, it’s my body.  With every crunch, lunge and mile and every breakfast/lunch/dinner of egg whites, I feel more like my old self.  Taking time out to take care of my body, isn’t a luxury or vain, it’s basic survival.  A meeting isn’t more important than taking time to care for my heart or my heinekin.   I’m rid of personal guilt trips.

The list goes OOOOOOOOOnnnnn in my journal but these are my major priorities.  I hope 2011 is full of clarity and perhaps a braver heart for you as well.

About McKenzie Johnson

I am a Real Estate Broker with over 13 years experience in the industry. A fan of anything the color orange, long walks on the beach eating dried cuttlefish, four legged friends, new adventures in cooking or travel. A REALTOR and real estate consultant living and working in North Carolina with information to share. I would love to demystify the process for you. . .I think real estate is a tremendous investment for just about everyone. . .not just for the financial aspect, but also the idea of owning a piece of the American Dream, a chunk of earth, literally, with your name on it. I love what I do and who I get to meet through my job, the most rewarding part is handing a family their very first set of house keys! I hope you will find helpful information here, and it is just that, information, please don't take it as gospel, just my take on real estate and the world around me. For additional information and how to contact me, visit my website I serve the Onslow County area which includes the military bases: Camp Lejeune, New River MCAS, Camp Johnson, Camp Gieger and more.

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