Cindy, girl, I am resisting the urge to post your entire email  . . .  I had to put Goober the wonder-dog-great-dane down last week after thirteen years.  A very tough decision indeed, he was a Fairfax County SPCA rescue dog (to anyone reading this, if you are considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, please consider your local shelter first, a rescued animal never forgets!) who has had MANY adventures.  My thoughts are with you ANNNNNDDDD as usual, though later than planned, I am posting your latest event info. 

think of Robin Williams movie while reading that opening.
Hope all is well, I am still in Pa. but we are planning a motor cycle ride in Jacksonville starting at Shamrock Biker Outfitters on Henderson Dr. a little ways across Swyanks Pub,
Gooooooood Mooooorrrrnnningggg Jacksonville!


Date: Sunday June7th, 2009
Time: 1000am registration, first bike off at 12 noon
Place: Shamrock Biker Outfitter, 209 Henderson Dr. ( check out Jim’s place, nice fellow, small business owner, let’s help the little guys too! like us)
finish  with wings at Hooter’s Restaurant on Western Blvd.
$10.00 a rider, $15.00 for couples.
details of ride will be announced the week of the ride so check back with us..
I NEED VOLUNTEERS BADLY, as we want to have a bike wash too, either before or after the ride….
if anyone feels the spirit of helping to find door prizes from local businesses for the ride let me know, I can forward a request letter of ours to drop off to area local businesses andwhen I get back I can personally stop by business to thank.
 or prepare some food for after the ride we would love that too…anyway or thing would be appreciated.


Angels’ Voices Speak Up
A Voice for the Voiceless,
Speaking out for those who can’t speak up.
We still believe:
“Before you can change the world. It takes one mind at a time, starting with mine.
 Change your mind, change the world.”

About McKenzie Johnson

I am a Real Estate Broker with over 13 years experience in the industry. A fan of anything the color orange, long walks on the beach eating dried cuttlefish, four legged friends, new adventures in cooking or travel. A REALTOR and real estate consultant living and working in North Carolina with information to share. I would love to demystify the process for you. . .I think real estate is a tremendous investment for just about everyone. . .not just for the financial aspect, but also the idea of owning a piece of the American Dream, a chunk of earth, literally, with your name on it. I love what I do and who I get to meet through my job, the most rewarding part is handing a family their very first set of house keys! I hope you will find helpful information here, and it is just that, information, please don't take it as gospel, just my take on real estate and the world around me. For additional information and how to contact me, visit my website I serve the Onslow County area which includes the military bases: Camp Lejeune, New River MCAS, Camp Johnson, Camp Gieger and more.

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