Angel’s Voices Speak Up!


Here’s the latest event info from Cindy, a pal of mine with a heart like a warrior!  Please come out and support this wonderful cause and visit her site to learn more, this month is not only Breast Cancer Awareness month but Domestic Violence month!  Please do what you can to help!



On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 11:31 AM, cindy <> wrote:

for the life of your community will be held this Saturday, rain or shine at Northside High School from 0900 am till 1100am.. volunteers show up at 0800am.
On behalf of Avon’s Connie Coley and Mary Kay Consultant, Celeste Prusaitis we invite you to attend and show your support!
I feel it is important to still hold this event regardless of weather conditions which caused us to cancel our last 2 events.
Whether you or your loved one is battling breast cancer or any cancer for that matter come out and show you care.
One of the main reasons I won’t cancel the event is Cancer and Domestic Violence doesn’t care about weather conditions, it attacks people’s bodies on any given day, the least we can do is show up to support those who are battling this awful disease and for those who are in situations, like DV that harm women, children and animals..and of course men too at times…
I have a mantra now when I am in situations that I find uncomfortable and it seems to help me get through what I am at that time…
If I have a bad trip at work or things don’t seem to go right in my day, all I do is think about how bad those who died on 09-11-01 had it, all those who are going through chemo have it, all those innocent children who have no way to protect themselves physically against their abusers… and somehow I manage to quit whining about how bad my life or physical well-being is and remember I was given the opportunity to speak up for those who have NO VOICE!…..
That’s the least I can do.
Won’t you do the same given the chance?

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